Today’s Turkish judiciary drama: Kenan Evren sentenced, Balyoz Trial for re-trial, Yusuf Yerkel saved…


Former Turkish president Evren sentenced to life for staging 1980 coup
Reuters UK
Hundreds of other officers have been jailed after investigations known as “Ergenekon” and “Sledgehammer”. The army has also been excluded from state bodies that had exerted influence on politics, especially after the 1980 coup. Throughout the trial

The ruling paves the way for a retrial of the defendants, after sentences were upheld in appeal
Turkey?s top court has delivered a landmark ruling, deciding that the rights of a majority of the convicted suspects in the Balyoz coup plot case have been violated, thus paving the way for a retrial
Turkish PM Erdoğan?s advisor who kicked a mourner in the mine disaster-struck Soma town on May 14 has dodged the last way of disciplinary measures

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