Anthropology roundup: “11 Cutting-Edge Thinkers That Anthropologists Should Be Paying Attention to…

  11 Cutting-Edge Thinkers That Anthropologists Should Be Paying Attention to Right Now! Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ?   Well it wouldn?t be an unpaid internship in the 2014 if the bosses upstairs didn?t have me doing a listicle, so I?m proud to present to you a new feature: The Savage Minds Rundown. … Read more

Best of Turkish media. Yeni Şafak daily in Noam Chomsky interview fabricates parts and also uses Google Translate for translation:)

via @cigdemmater Chomsky accuses Turkish daily of fabricating parts of interview Accusing Yeni Şafak, Chomsky published the original version to back up his claims Turkish daily admits to making up parts of Chomsky interview, releases alleged text Turkish daily Yeni Şafak released a statement Aug. 31 following controversy surrounding reporter Burcu Bulut?s interview with Noam … Read more

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