E-seminar on Friedrich Kittler continues at Media Anthropology Network..and an anthro roundup…

Media Anthropology Network Free e-seminar on Friedrich Kittler, 28 Feb-13 March 2012 from media/anthropology by John Postill The EASA Media Anthropology Network is well known for its electronic seminars which run on our mailing list for a period of two weeks. These are moderated sessions that unfold around a working paper presented by a Network … Read more

“Landmarks in the critical study of secularism- “Internal Barriers to Online Expansion …………

Landmarks in the critical study of secularism from The Immanent Frame by Matthew Scherer In September of 2010, Talal Asad, William E. Connolly, Charles Hirschkind, and I met at the annual American Political Science Association conference to discuss two seminal texts in a recently emerging field of study, which could tentatively be called the critical … Read more

Arundhati Roy under attack…

India: Free Speech Or Sedition?

from Global Voices Online by Rezwan

By Rezwan

Arundhati Roy protests against dams on India’s Narmada River. Image by Flickr user International Rivers. CC BY-NC-SA

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