Eurosphere agenda: As “World waits to see if Putin turns up…”The best of the memes…

World waits to see if Putin turns up

The Moscow rumour mill is at full tilt
Where has Putin been? The best of the memes

The 10-day disappearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin led to the internet responding with an inevitable collection of memes.
The Greek government on Sunday denied media reports that the country could be insolvent as early as the end of the month. EU Council President Donald Tusk has warned meanwhile that Greece could be forced to leave the Eurozone against its will. Some commentators stress that the Greeks must finally decide whether they want to stay in the monetary union. Others criticise the EU for clinging to dysfunctional rules.
The failure of Germany’s Russia policy

Germany’s strategy towards Russia has gone so well that in the present crisis Vladimir Putin thinks he can be confident that Europe will not use force to defend Ukraine, and that the EU’s will to confront Russia through political means is also extremely fragile.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. Demotix/Goncalvo Silva.




The Podemos wave

Never before has it become so clear that we live in societies that are politically democratic but socially fascist. The Podemos wave is a metaphor for every single attempt to find a progressive solution.

Reforming Greece easier said than done: The never-ending case of the land registry

Sweeping to office after their landslide victory in January’s Greek elections, Syriza has promised to shakeup how the system operates in a major way. Former Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink warns, however, that change is hard to come by, examining Greek attempts to create a land registry – ongoing since 1994, and for which it has received millions in EU funding.

The trouble with SYRIZA

Despite being ‘a man of the Left’, and despite being hugely critical of the parties that ruled the country since 1974, there are several things about the rise of SYRIZA that absolutely terrify me.

Yanis Varoufakis, Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos. Demotix/Panayiotis
Funeral for German who fought IS

About 2,000 people attend a funeral march for German woman Ivana Hoffmann who died fighting Islamic State militants in Syria.

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