Eurosphere agenda: Ukranians mobilize….

The main threat to the revolution comes not from Crimean separatism nor from far-right groups, writes Mykola Riabchuk. The biggest threat comes from within: from old habits and oldboy networks. New politicians are needed to avoid repeating the missed opportunities of 1991 and 2004.

Mobilization. Ukrainians joining the military:

Sochi Olympic mascots driving a tank into Krym. Anonymous image found online.Sochi Olympic mascots driving a tank into Krym. Anonymous image found online.

One could be tempted to view the overthrow of Ukraine’s government as a signal that the country is entering a new era, moving inexorably away from Russia and into the European democratic fold. But Ukraine remains subject to deep internal cleavages and conflicting geopolitical forces that could easily thwart that trajectory.

(Photo) ANKARA – Protest against Russian military intervention in Ukraine:

US president has to try and outmanoeuvre Putin as the crisis over Ukraine puts American interests of a whole and free Europe at stake

Ukraine soldiers refusing to let Russian soldiers into their base in Crimea:

A rise in gas prices would put further pressure on Ukraine?s struggling economy, and increase the urgency of an international bailout package

Napoleon is said to have cautioned during an 1805 battle: ?When the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him

Ukraine mobilised on Sunday for war and called up its reserves, after Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to invade in the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s secretary general, before a meeting Sunday on Ukraine

Even though Ukraine is not a member of Nato ? and therefore is not covered by the alliance?s mutual defence treaty ? the west has signed a series of bilateral agreements with Kiev over the last 20 years in which it has agreed to help protect Ukraine?s territorial integrity.

A few good reads on how to respond to Russia regarding Ukraine:

People gather in Kyiv’s Independence Square, Ukraine, Feb. 28, 2014. [AP Photo]

Russia approves the deployment of troops in Ukraine, prompting Kiev to put its army on full alert as international leaders express alarm.
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