Cyberculture agenda: “Edward Snowden, two years later

Edward Snowden: World is rejecting mass surveillance Legislation ending the US government’s bulk collection of telephone data is “a historic victory for the rights of every citizen,” former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden said in a commentary June 4 Media Lessons from Snowden Reporting: LA Times Editors Advocate Prosecution of Sources The Intercept by Glenn Greenwald Two years … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: UN: Encryption and Anonymity Must Be Protected

UN: Encryption and Anonymity Must Be Protected  TorrentFreak For the past several years and particularly in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations, interest in encrypted and anonymous communications has spread to a much wider audience. Survey: Many Users Never Read Social Networking Terms of Service Agreements  All Facebook by Kimberlee Morrison As reported by SocialTimes last … Read more

In the mean time in US, PRISM scandal, Bradley Manning trial and more… Cyberculture roundup…

The PRISM spin war has begun The war over how to spin revelations of the National Security Agency’s latest spying program has officially begun.   Anonymous lays out plan for its independent news site, funded by $55,000 from Indiegogo It?s been some six weeks since ?hacktivist? group Anonymous raised $55,000 from Indiegogo to build its … Read more