Cyberculture agenda: WikiLeaks releases some U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978…


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WikiLeaks has released more than half a million U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978, the whistleblower website has announced.


Contrary to the view that people have “nothing to hide” from the government, most Americans are pro-privacy but ill-equipped to fully protect their information.

The debut of President Barack Obama’s @POTUS Twitter account Monday has already made an impact, and social intelligence company Sysomos analyzed its first couple of days.

According to Sysomos, @POTUS attracted some 2.2 million followers in its first 24 hours after going live, and at the time of this post, its total was 2,207,319.

Sysomos also examined the account’s first tweet () and how it was retweeted, writing in a blog post:

Image edited by Kevin Rothrock.

Image edited by Kevin Rothrock.

Facebook’s project, which offers people from developing countries free mobile access to selected websites, has been pitched as a philanthropic initiative to connect two thirds of the world who don’t yet have Internet access. We completely agree that the global digital divide should be closed. However, we question whether this is the right way to do it.

New Critical Encryption Bug Affects Thousands of Sites

A critical vulnerability has been uncovered by security researchers.


I’d rather go completely dead-tree than have to surf like Stallman does, but if it works for him, great! Read the rest

Pirate Bay domains to be seized

Two key domains must be nabbed, according to a court ruling by a Swedish court, including their “most famous” domain.

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