Eurosphere agenda: “Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging…

Banks fined £413m over euro rate rigging  BBC News | Europe | World Edition HSBC, JPMorgan and Credit Agricole fined €485m (£413m) for rigging a key interest rate between 2005 and 2008. Four EU states among world’s worst tax havens – Headline News Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are among the 15 worst centres for … Read more

Journalism agenda: “10 video formats to tell stories from your mobile phone”

10 video formats to tell stories from your mobile phone Mobile journalism expert Robb Montgomery explains the wide range of videos that can be produced by reporters for social media The murky future of Hungary’s private media AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) We take a look at the bleak picture presented by members of Hungary’s private … Read more

Literati roundup: Blogging or tweeting about research papers? “Umberto Eco’s How To Write a Thesis…

  The verdict: is blogging or tweeting about research papers worth it? Eager to find out what impact blogging and social media could have on the dissemination of her work, Melissa Terras took all of her academic research, including papers that have been available online for years, to the web and found that her audience … Read more

More than 100 teachers detained in Ankara. This is how Turkish government treats teachers…

Police disperse teachers’ protest in Ankara, detain 100 More than 100 people are detained following a police crackdown on a demonstration in central Ankara organized by a teachers’ union High School students were also on streets today. In Taksim, a group of students protested new education policies… So for no police attack..

Akşama santrale buyrun? Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) Dijital Demokrasi üzerine konuşacak (İngilizce) @ifbilgi

Tarih: 26 Mayıs, 2014 Pazartesi Saat: 19.00 Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü, E4-305 Konuşmacı: Jeff Jarvıs (Director, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at Cuny?s Graduate School of Journalism) Domino Konuşmaları seminer dizisi, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Pazarlama İletişimi  (Marka Okulu) ile Medya ve İletişim Sistemleri Yüksek Lisans Programları tarafından düzenlenmektedir.

A journalism roundup: “Engin Önder and Zeynep Tufekci on @140journos and the state of journalism in Turkey

Q&A: Engin Önder and Zeynep Tufekci on 140journos and the state of journalism in Turkey Nieman Journalism Lab Engin Önder is not a journalist, and he?ll be the first to tell you that. (?No way,? he said, laughing, when I asked.) Instead, Önder, who cofounded the Turkish citizen journalism platform 140journos, considers himself a citizen … Read more

A literati roundup: New digital archives… Google?s Music Timeline… Twitter data for academics…

  Twitter Opens Its Enormous Archives to Data-Hungry Academics   Twitter is sharing its massive trove of data with the academic world — for free.   15,000 Colorful Images of Persian Manuscripts Now Online, Courtesy of the British Library   Turnitin Put to the Test Did the plagiarism detection software Turnitin cut “unoriginal writing” by … Read more

Looking at its rector, islamitische universiteit rotterdam is a big farce…

A recent article in Dutch newspaper accuses the rector of Islamic University of Rotterdam, Ahmet Akgündüz, of spreading intolerance, anti-western beliefs etc. And he is also quoted today in our social media circles of blaming Occupy Gezi activists as “mosque enemies, communist union leaders, pro-Asad people who murders Muslims, Alevites etc.” Before he disappeared from … Read more

A roundup academicus: “Game-based learning: latest evidence and future directions, Elite Journals, SOPA’s daddy…

Game-based learning: latest evidence and future directions Source: National Foundation for Educational Research (UK) From Press Release: The role of video games in teaching and learning is a source of debate among many educators, researchers and in the popular press. Detractors and advocates have been discussing the influences and the potentials of video games for … Read more

Eco and Pamuk discuss being a novelist in Istanbul… a Literati roundup…

Eco and Pamuk discuss being a novelist from Hurriyet Daily News Two eminent novelists, Umberto Eco and Orhan Pamuk, met in Istanbul on April 9. The authors told their stories about how they became writers.   Against Open Access: A change of heart from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog … Read more

Erkan Saka: Transmedya?yı eğitime uyarlama denemesi

Bu yazı T24 için yazılmıştı ama orada hala yayınlanmadığı için buradan yayına sokuyorum;) Transmedya?yı eğitime uyarlama denemesi Transmedya kavramını ilk olarak Henry Jenkins?in artık başucu kitabı olmak üzere olan  ?Convergence Culture? kitabında farkettim. Kavram ilk olarak orada kullanılmıyor ama kavramın yeni medya çalışmalarında yaygınlaşmasına en çok katkıda bulunan eserlerden birisi bu olsa gerek.   Kavram … Read more

Social fabric roundup- The photo that symbolizes the new education system:

New students are expected to read a letter from the Prime Minister whose large image occupies half of the letter space…  School year begins amid confusion and protests from Hurriyet Daily News The new school year, the first in which the new ?4+4+4? education system is in place Turks, Kurds believe in coexistence, says survey … Read more

Turkish social fabric roundup. AKP’s most ambitious social engineering project starts with the new education system while “bedroom watch” continues…

 Also this article has a very timely content: Leman, Penguen or Uykusuz: Turkey’s comic books vs. Erdogan from by Marie Jackson Utter the names of these satirical comic magazines in the presence of any Turk, and their eyes will light up with recognition. Yet these publications are a serious thorn in the side of the government. Despite … Read more

Online Tools for my Students. Part I- the 3rd Edition.

Well,  it was time again to update a list of online tools I rely on. The second part will not be edited again as it was a collection of tools links I have found during my never ending web surfs and did not actually try most of them….and I hopefully I will post the 3rd … Read more

Ayşe Kadıoğlu on Turkish taboos…and a social fabric roundup…

Turkish taboos perpetuate immaturity | Ayşe Kadıoğlu from World news: Turkey | by Ayşe Kadıoğlu The protection of ‘Turkishness’ has gone too far. To heal the wounds of our dark past, we need debate and deliberation Growing up under the spell of taboos is a debilitating experience. It can imprison one’s mind in a … Read more