Cyberculture roundup: Google Releases Transparency Report, Effects of the Internet on Legacy Institutions, Facebook Graph Search…

Google Releases Transparency Report Showing US Surveillance Requests Up 33% in the Last Year from Updates by Trevor Timm Two Out of Every Three US Demands to Google Come Without A Warrant This morning, Google released their semi-annual transparency report, and once again, it revealed a troubling trend: Internet surveillance around the world continues … Read more

A cyberculture roundup: William Gibson on Twitter,Twitter Surrenders OCW proster’s data, Clouds and more…

William Gibson on Twitter, Antique Watches and Internet Obsessions from Wired Top Stories by Geeta Dayal William Gibson once spent nearly five years studying the complexities of watchmaking, indulging in the accumulation of knowledge for its own sake. “I wanted to grow my own otaku-like obsession,” he said in a phone interview with Wired. Part … Read more

Asylum granted to Assange, More blows to copyright trolls… A cyberculture roundup

Asylum Granted by Ecuador to Julian Assange … Civil rights implications of Big Data by Cory Doctorow An excellent editorial by Alistair Croll on the civil rights implications of Big Data contains a number of points I hadn’t considered before, as well as great analysis of the way that the Big Data situation arrived: France’s … Read more

Nice! France’s HADOPI under stress… A Cyberculture roundup

France suspends three-strikes copyright law after massive data-leak by Cory Doctorow TMG, a private contractor that administers France’s HADOPI copyright system, has been hacked, resulting in a temporary suspension of HADOPI. Under HADOPI, people who use an Internet connection where one or more users have been accused of multiple acts of copyright infringement lose their … Read more

Music Industry’s latest kill: Limewire

Instead of finding alternative ways, Music Industry goes against the wave. You can kill Napster, Kazaa, Limewire but there will always be other sites… Adios, Limewire! from Daily Bits by noemi Remember that green round slice of lime? There was once a time when I saw it every day when I turned my computer on, … Read more