Cyberculture roundup: Eric Schmidt vs. Julian Assange… CISPA is back….Google vs. Bing…

Eric Schmidt: Money is the only reason Julian Assange redacted WikiLeaks files from FP Passport by John Hudson Back in 2011, Google executive Eric Schmidt conducted a secret interview with Julian Assange while the WikiLeaks founder was under house arrest in Britain. The nature of the interview has not been revealed until now, a week … Read more

Asylum granted to Assange, More blows to copyright trolls… A cyberculture roundup

Asylum Granted by Ecuador to Julian Assange … Civil rights implications of Big Data by Cory Doctorow An excellent editorial by Alistair Croll on the civil rights implications of Big Data contains a number of points I hadn’t considered before, as well as great analysis of the way that the Big Data situation arrived: France’s … Read more