Cyberculture roundup: “The Copyright Alert System FAQ, Yochai Benkler on Bradley Manning Case, Texting/Fingered Speech, More on Patent Trolls…

The Copyright Alert System FAQ from Updates by Daniel Nazer It?s been a long time coming, but the copyright surveillance machine known as the Copyright Alert System (CAS) ? aka ?Six Strikes? ? has finally launched. CAS is an agreement between major media corporations and large Internet Service Providers to monitor peer-to-peer networks for … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: EFF suggests “Three Things Students Can Do Now to Promote Open Access…Geeks… Safer Internet Day…

Geeks Are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties from Mashable! by MIT Technology Review Now is a good time to re-set your Twitter password and disable Java in your browser from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin Twitter says that it was hacked and 250,000 users may have been compromised from The Next Web by … Read more

EFF: 4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking….

4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking from Updates by Dan Auerbach Whoa, you aren’t browsing with Javascript, congratulations! You probably don’t need this tutorial, which will look broken for you. Just install an adblocker with a privacy/tracking protection list, block third-party cookies, block referers, and install HTTPS Everywhere. ***** The Pirate Bay ditches … Read more

Asylum granted to Assange, More blows to copyright trolls… A cyberculture roundup

Asylum Granted by Ecuador to Julian Assange … Civil rights implications of Big Data by Cory Doctorow An excellent editorial by Alistair Croll on the civil rights implications of Big Data contains a number of points I hadn’t considered before, as well as great analysis of the way that the Big Data situation arrived: France’s … Read more

EFD Survey: Which Cloud Service you use?

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First Kopimism wedding, US’ “clunky” cyberstrategy and more…

File-Sharing Church Weds First Couple from TorrentFreak by Ernesto All around the world file-sharers are being chased by anti-piracy outfits and the authorities. But while copyright holders are often quick to label file-sharers as pirates, there is a large group of people who actually consider copying to be a sacred act.   Kopimism: File-Sharing Religion … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Proxy War Against The Pirate Bay; Facebook buys Instagram, Instagram alternatives emerge…

Proxy War Against The Pirate Bay Heats Up from TorrentFreak by Ernesto Last October the Antwerp Court of Appeal ordered two Belgian ISPs to block subscriber access to 11 domains connected to The Pirate Bay. The local anti-piracy movement applauded the landmark verdict which opened the doors for further censorship attempts. However, this cheerful mood … Read more

An Academic roundup: “Connected Learning” from Henry Jenkins/ 55 free Philosophy Courses/ Netwar 2.0 and more…

Henry Jenkins: Connected Learning: Reimagining the Experience of Education in the Information Age This weekend, I am attending the Third Digital Media and Learning Conference, hosted by the MacArthur Foundation, as part of their efforts to help build a field which takes what we have learned about young people’s informal learning, often through the more … Read more

Yandex debuts “social search program”; Reddit users writing a law… a cyberculture roundup..

Yandex processes 2 million+ people searches daily, debuts ?social search program? from The Next Web by Robin Wauters Yandex, Russia?s biggest Internet search and related services company, this morning announced the launch of a?social search program? (note: links to page in Russian), aiming to inject content and account information from a wide variety of local … Read more

our lovely closed down by a coalition of international publishers so that we can continue to BUY their expensive books

the best alternative seems to be this: but not good enough… update: Some friends recommended this site. I haven’t checked it yet though… update2: another seemingly working alternative: update3: Dear Kaan Öztürk has posted a “requiem” for library nu in Turkish. have a look. I found 3 more alternative sites from that post: Book … Read more

Deniz Ergürel: Bilgilerinizi bulutlarda depolayın

Bilgilerinizi bulutlarda depolayın   Cloud computing logical diagram Son yılların en sevilen animasyon filmlerinden Buz Devri?nin ilk sahnesini sanırım hatırlamayan yoktur: Scrat adlı sevimli sincap, elindeki meşe palamudunu saklamak için bir yer arar, tam gömecekken yanlış yer tercihi nedeniyle büyük bir çığa sebep olur. Scrat?in meşe palamudunu saklamak istediği yer, büyük bir buz kütlesinin tam ortasıdır. … Read more