Good news from the Engin Çeber case!

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Çeber Case: Life Sentences for 3 Prison Guards and Head of Prison

from Bianet :: English
Three prison guards and the vice director of Metris Prison were convicted of “causing death by torture” in the case of Engin Çeber who died from torture in custody. They received life sentences. Three police officers and the prison doctor were punished as well.

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RTÜK allows 14 languages and accents in media productions

RTUK (Turkish Radio and Television High Council) allows 14 languages and accents to be used in media production.

News in Turkish here.
But of course there are still many human rights issues to be solved….

Torture Case of Killed Activist Çeber Postponed

from Bianet :: English
The prosecutor excused his absense in yesterday’s hearing of the trial regarding Engin Çeber who was killed by torture in custody. The case was postponed ot 12 April. The case launched against Çeber’s friends who were also exposed to torture continues today.

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Pro-Ergenekon lawyers' support march in Taksim…

A nation’s lawyers: Pro-establishment. Tools of power plays. Is there any hope that they will actually work for justice? To overthrow the corrupt Establishment?
Avukatlar dinleme için yürüdü
Yesterday many lawyers had a march in Taksim to protest “phonetappings”. In principle, this sounds like a good move. To protect the privacy rights… All bullshit. They did not walk before when current PM was tapped for 6 years! Illegally! Now at least phonetapping cases are legally registered. In such a complicated case like Ergenekon, to tap phones through legal channels may not be that harmful. What they are afraid of is that many legal personalities were indeed part of the Ergenekon gang and now they are scared. Yes, you should be scared. You, pro-military “lawyers”….

Avukatlar dinleme için yürüdü

Young civilians protested the march and some lawyers did try to lynch the protesters. Any surprise?

Young civilians protest: “You, pro-coup Bar, welcome to Taksim” banner was attacked by lawyers…

How Turkey massacred the Kurds of Dersim

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Turkey and human rights – Some progress and many setbacks

I am still optimistic, still, really. But there are not all good news here.
In the mean time: a first case. a policeman arrested because of assault to a young citizen:

Police Officer Arrested After Attacking Student

Efkan Bolaç, lawyer of the severely beaten student Güney Tuna, stated that 8 police officers were involved in the assault on her client: “Tuna was not
PM Erdoğan’s speech at his party convention was discursively promising:

This Star daily headline underlines the fact that PM Erdoğan named political outsiders of Republican history from a wide range of political opposition.

[CROSS READER] Democratic initiative leaves its mark on AK Party congress

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) held its third ordinary party congress on Saturday at the ASKİ Sports Hall in Ankara.

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