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Çeber Case: Life Sentences for 3 Prison Guards and Head of Prison

from Bianet :: English
Three prison guards and the vice director of Metris Prison were convicted of “causing death by torture” in the case of Engin Çeber who died from torture in custody. They received life sentences. Three police officers and the prison doctor were punished as well.

ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ – Execution and rape of national will

I am against the death penalty, and I always have been. I am glad Turkey abolished capital punishment and that no one is hanged anymore. Many people were sent to the gallows during the course of Turkey?s military coups.

LALE KEMAL – Grave human rights violations at military headquarters

The absence of civilian democratic oversight over the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) continues to encourage the institution to violate the law and hide its wrongdoings from the public.

Prosecution demands 4.5 years for Türk attacker, 6 years for vandal

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Prosecutors have demanded a 4.5 years in prison for Ahmet Türk’s attacker and six years in prison for a person who attacked a car in the same incident, news agencies said Wednesday.

Investigation into “Ergenekon” Handbooks

from Bianet :: English
The Kadıköy (Istanbul) Prosecution launched an investigation on 14 April into the books “Understanding the Counter Guerilla and Ergenekon” and “Who is Who in Ergenekon” by journalists Ertuğrul Mavioğlu and Ahmet Şık respectively.

Young Civilians Stage Protest of Renault Headscarf Ban

from Genç Siviller
The Young Civilians staged a protest against Renault on Sunday, highlighting the carmaker?s decision not to allow employees? headscarved family members into its social facilities.

Young Civilians Send Nazi wreath to İstanbul Bar Association

from Genç Siviller
A wreath sent by the Young Civilians on behalf of Nazi lawyer Carl Schmidt from the Nuremberg Bar was exhibited during the award ceremony after organizers failed to notice it was a sarcastic criticism directed at the İstanbul Bar.

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