“Twelve theses on WikiLeaks” and more from the cablegate cyber war

Freedom to Assange and Wikileaks from Genç Siviller We were in front of Consulate General of Sweden, Istanbul Twelve theses on WikiLeaks from Eurozine articles by Geert Lovink, Patrice Riemens Vindictive, politicized, conspiratorial, reckless: one need not agree with WikiLeaks’ modus operandi to acknowledge its service to democracy. Geert Lovink and Patrice Riemens see in … Read more

Wikileaks party in Istanbul. Part 5: Turkey related #cablegate news

Everybody Loves Wikileaks! Now it is our time to leak into the night life of Taksim on saturday, 4th of December 19.30 @ Ekvator Cafe! Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu addresses a global security summit seminar on regional security cooperation Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010, in Manama, Bahrain. Senior political and military officials from Arab states, … Read more

Milli Motor/ Milli Tüp

Young Civilians launched two sites to make fun the web censorship. Milli Motor (National Search Engine) is an imitation of Google Search Engine but all searches end up linking to censorship news and national documents. Milli Tube (National Tube) is an imitation of Youtube and lists music videos on the right hand side that were … Read more

Good news from the Engin Çeber case!


Engin Ceber – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Çeber Case: Life Sentences for 3 Prison Guards and Head of Prison

from Bianet :: English
Three prison guards and the vice director of Metris Prison were convicted of “causing death by torture” in the case of Engin Çeber who died from torture in custody. They received life sentences. Three police officers and the prison doctor were punished as well.

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Pro-Ergenekon lawyers' support march in Taksim…

A nation’s lawyers: Pro-establishment. Tools of power plays. Is there any hope that they will actually work for justice? To overthrow the corrupt Establishment?
Avukatlar dinleme için yürüdü
Yesterday many lawyers had a march in Taksim to protest “phonetappings”. In principle, this sounds like a good move. To protect the privacy rights… All bullshit. They did not walk before when current PM was tapped for 6 years! Illegally! Now at least phonetapping cases are legally registered. In such a complicated case like Ergenekon, to tap phones through legal channels may not be that harmful. What they are afraid of is that many legal personalities were indeed part of the Ergenekon gang and now they are scared. Yes, you should be scared. You, pro-military “lawyers”….

Avukatlar dinleme için yürüdü

Young civilians protested the march and some lawyers did try to lynch the protesters. Any surprise?

Young civilians protest: “You, pro-coup Bar, welcome to Taksim” banner was attacked by lawyers…

How Turkey massacred the Kurds of Dersim

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NYT article relies on pro-Ergenekon lobby?

A new article in NYT by Mr. Bilefsky quotes extensively from sources critical of the Ergenekon trial. I have once noted the evidence question last year and I still believe it is a valid concern. However, there is a concentrated attempt to slow down or disorient the process and these people are certainly not doing out of innocent democratic aims. As the article underlines the issue is too complicated but it is not a fiction. It is real despite all problems, anybody in town knows that the deep state operated in this country and Ergenekon trial is here to reveal some of the facts. But of course it cannot be an easy process to do that and by putting “clouds” on the Trial itself, some Western Media production helpsthe anti-trial lobby…

Subversion Trial Puts Cloud Over Turkey

from NYT > Turkey by By DAN BILEFSKY
Prosecutors allege that an underground organization has committed dozens of terrorist acts and sought to topple Turkey?s Islamic-inspired government.

Plot colonel put behind bars over action plan
Today’s Zaman
Dozens of Ergenekon members, including businessmen, members of the military and journalists, are currently incarcerated while standing trial.

Cuntaya ?hayır? çıktı, imamlar sürgün edildi
A small scale campaign continues: Adding “Brave” to the name of Bingöl city. People of Bingöl was brave enough to reject the military enforced constitution referendum after the 1980 coup d’etat. In fact, it was only city…



Members of Genç Siviller (Young Civilians) and the Ankara-based Bingöl Culture and Solidarity Association (BİNDAV) protested the anti-democratic 1982 Constitution, a byproduct of the 1980 coup, in front of the welcome sign to the city of Bingöl on Saturday…

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