When CHP encounters EU…

Turkey's Minister for EU Affairs Egemen Bagis (L) introduces ...

Turkey’s Minister for EU Affairs Egemen Bagis (L) introduces Latvia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Maris Riekstins to Turkey’s delegation members in Riga February 26, 2010.REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

Here are a few accounts of what Onur Öymen, deputy chairman of a social democrat party, CHP,  experienced at EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting…

MEHMET KAMIŞ – CHP to face trouble when it goes abroad

As the deputy chairman of a social democrat party, Onur Öymen is trying to find support from Europe for the minority status quo in Turkey. According to reports in the press, Öymen spoke at the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting the other day.

Oymen at the European Parliament

from Turkish Politics in Action by Ragan Updegraff

EU Parliament Turkey Rapporteur Ria Oomen-Ruitjen
PHOTO from Today’s Zaman

CHP deputy chairman Onur Oymen, speaking to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee at the European Parliament this week, criticized European politicians for only reading one newspaper, namely Today’s Zaman (though the paper was not mentioned by name). The pro-government/moderate Islamist-oriented daily reports:

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Pro-Ergenekon lawyers' support march in Taksim…

A nation’s lawyers: Pro-establishment. Tools of power plays. Is there any hope that they will actually work for justice? To overthrow the corrupt Establishment?
Avukatlar dinleme için yürüdü
Yesterday many lawyers had a march in Taksim to protest “phonetappings”. In principle, this sounds like a good move. To protect the privacy rights… All bullshit. They did not walk before when current PM was tapped for 6 years! Illegally! Now at least phonetapping cases are legally registered. In such a complicated case like Ergenekon, to tap phones through legal channels may not be that harmful. What they are afraid of is that many legal personalities were indeed part of the Ergenekon gang and now they are scared. Yes, you should be scared. You, pro-military “lawyers”….

Avukatlar dinleme için yürüdü

Young civilians protested the march and some lawyers did try to lynch the protesters. Any surprise?

Young civilians protest: “You, pro-coup Bar, welcome to Taksim” banner was attacked by lawyers…

How Turkey massacred the Kurds of Dersim

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