#Europe agenda: “Hungarian opposition wins Budapest in blow to Orban…

Hungarian opposition wins Budapest in blow to Orban EUobserver.com – Headline News Budapest joins Istanbul and Warsaw by having an opposition mayor to a strongman illiberal leader, after a united opposition A few weeks after this visit, Karacsony wins election, upsetting Orban https://t.co/65H6daMiCR — Emre KIZILKAYA (@ekizilkaya) October 14, 2019     EU powerless in … Read more

#TrollWatch The most powerful Aktroll clique, the Pelikan gang, in futile attempts… #TurkeyElections

Just a few years ago, they could have more decisive power. Despite their agitations/ provocations, I believe they will not be able to change the election results in Istanbul- but still, who knows?- Instead, opposition parties may take back some places. However, I am anxious about Muş. There seem to be some fishy incidents happening … Read more

“Open Anthropology” presents: “An Anthropological Perspective on Elections and Politics”

  To the list of reasons why the 2016 presidential contest in the United States has been especially notable and newsworthy, we might add the number of superlatives surrounding it. Headlines refer to the two leading contenders—Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump—as the “least trusted” and “most unfavorable candidates ever.” Despite the unpopularity of the … Read more

Erkan’s local election day timeline… (Will be Updated)

  [View the story “Erkan’s local election day timeline… (Will be Updated)” on Storify]

Wait for the American elections special program at Haydarpaşa! and an election roundup…

The historic Haydarpaşa Station will be used as a venue for the special program prepared by the American consulate and Institute of Creative Minds From the November 6 evening to November 7 morning (Istanbul Local time). Many new media tools will be used. I will be around to help the organization. Details will come soon;) … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Another Pirate Party victory, Netherlands enshrines Net Neutrality, Greek and French elections aftermath

Good day for the Pirates from FP Passport by Joshua Keating Understandably, the very scary success of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece’s parliamentary election has gotten more attention, but local elections in Germany also showed a growing presence for another once-fringe political movement:   Netherlands becomes first EU nation to enshrine Net Neutrality … Read more

Mavi Boncuk posts on the incoming elections and more…

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the lawmakers of his Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party during the new year’s first meeting in Ankara, Turkey, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 201.? Read more » (AP Photo) Elections 2011 from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M Mavi Boncuk | Following the Turkish constitutional referendum, 2010, which the ruling party won, … Read more

A video: Vote-u-lator for the British voters

Illustrator, engraver and painter based in Madrid, graduated of Fine Arts in the University of Sevilla in ?98. Since then he worked in different design studios and ad agencies in Andalusia…http://koikoikoi.com/2010/04/illustrations-by-gabriel-moreno/found in Illustrations by Gabriel Moreno [ad#vote-u-later] By: Sky News: Unsure how to vote MAY 6th? Vote-u-lator analyses data, themes and words used in your … Read more