#Europe agenda: “Hungarian opposition wins Budapest in blow to Orban…

Hungarian opposition wins Budapest in blow to Orban

Budapest joins Istanbul and Warsaw by having an opposition mayor to a strongman illiberal leader, after a united opposition



Christian Christensen (@ChrChristensen): “Patriot At Work” (2019) https://t.co/3iR3V9k9i2

EU powerless in new Syrian mayhem

EU foreign ministers are meeting to find a common position on the Turkish invasion in Syria. However, events are evolving quickly,
Poland’s right-wing ruler wins four more years

Poland’s conservative ruling party has won four more years in office, with attacks on courts and LGBTI values auguring badly for

Poland election: Ruling Law and Justice party claims victory

The conservative nationalist Law and Justice party is on course for a majority, partial results suggest.
Europe’s pundits expect the UK PM to turn an adverse Supreme Court ruling to his political advantage.

Johnson’s Brexit drama grips European press

Despite the “chaos”, many papers believe Boris Johnson will emerge the ultimate victor in an election.

Germany’s far-right eyes future gains after election boost

The AfD, which focuses on anti-immigration, anti-Islam rhetoric, increases support in two eastern states.
Europe’s Biggest Waste Producers

The new European Commission: what’s next?

Informal interviews with von der Leyen, hearings with parliamentary committees, and votes in the EU parliament and Council
Paris police attack: Latest pictures from the scene

The surrounding area in the île de la Cité is on lockdown with emergency services at the scene.

A study of Bulgarian far-right proto-militias dismantles the theory of the lone-wolf extremist

A widely shared photo of the members of BNO Shipka and their guest German far-right politician Tatjana Festerling showing a
Brexit: The false, misleading and suspicious claims CrossCheck has uncovered so far

Anyone with a working internet connection would have seen the cloud of political uncertainty and divisive vitriol building over

Brexit – Your simple guide to what happens next (Evening Standard) from europe


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