Cyberculture roundup: “Leading Economist Predicts a Bitcoin Backlash


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Google’s Quantum Computer in Limbo After Government Shutdown

Google just barely dodged a bullet. The NASA team booted up their D-Wave Two just days before the federal government shutdown would have put a complete stop to the project. But with NASA and Ames almost completely shut down, it’s not exactly clear what’s happening with the machine.

Will GOTCHAs Replace CAPTCHAs?

Distorted pieces of text are often used to prevent computers getting unauthorised access to websites. Now a team of computer scientists think they can do better with inkblot tests instead

Twitter’s growth tests free speech advocacy

Sydney Morning Herald

Ozgur Uckan, a communication professor at Istanbul Bilgi University, said authorities may still be able to pressure the company by targeting its local partners. “The authorities may try to force Twitter to comply, using their regulation tools like tax


BitTorrent Inc. Doesn?t Care About Your Privacy, Not AlwaysThis week BitTorrent Inc. surprised friend and foe with a brilliant marketing campaign.

The company, known for the popular file-sharing applications uTorrent and BitTorrent, put up shocking billboards in three major metropolitan areas.

One of the slogans displayed the spooky message ?Your Data Should Belong To The NSA.? After a few days this billboard was updated, striking The NSA while adding You.

Leading Economist Predicts a Bitcoin Backlash

Economist Simon Johnson says governments will feel the urge to suppress the crypto-currency Bitcoin.

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