A repository of fact-checked and social media data on 2023 Israel–Hamas war

This GitHub repository corresponds to the dataset used for our research article titled Dataset for 2023 Israel–Hamas war. The repository contains fact-checked articles and social media posts about the 2023 Israel–Hamas war. The data is extracted through the AMUSED framework. The data is collected from 52 fact-checking websites in 26 languages. The sources used in this dataset (whose article count is more … Read more

UNESCO looking for translators for disinformation handbook

UNESCO needs volunteer translators to get this important handbook into as many languages as possible: “Journalism, Fake News & Disinformation” (https://en.unesco.org/fightfakenews) If you can donate time, please contact Sara Guglielmi <s.guglielmi@unesco.org> indicating availability to support translation, to peer-review a translation, and/or to promote the handbook As disinformation escalates amid the pandemic, so too does the … Read more

#Cyberculture agenda: “Fighting Disinformation Online

Fighting Disinformation Online A Database of Web Tools Last updated November 12, 2019 The rise of the internet and the advent of social media have fundamentally changed the information ecosystem, giving the public direct access to more information than ever before. But it’s often nearly impossible to distinguish accurate information from low-quality or false content. … Read more