Press Release on Tim Sebastian’s Monday debate: Turkish democracy is in grave danger

Turks say their democracy in grave danger Istanbul, March 30, 2015 – Ankara’s human rights and media record came under sustained attack at a public forum here as a majority-Turkish audience warned against growing totalitarianism ahead of the June parliamentary elections. The New Arab Debates, held at the Bosphorus (Bogaizici) University overlooking the historic waterway … Read more

The Turkish army is back. “236 acquitted in Balyoz coup case

236 acquitted in Balyoz coup case   All 236 suspects in the ‘Balyoz’ coup plot case were acquitted March 31 after the case’s prosecutor argued that digital data submitted as evidence was ‘fake’ Turkish army denounces ‘illegal copying’ of state secrets The Turkish General Staff has filed a criminal complaint over the permitting of top secret information … Read more

Turkey never sleeps. #BerkinElvan trial prosecutor taken hostage right at Çağlayan Court

DHKC accounts claim that they had taken hostage the prosecutor… DHKP/C's action today just creates widespread support for the extreme police laws. What a dumb move…. — Peter Nut (@nipped) March 31, 2015

updated2- Crowdsourced map of “Massive power blackouts hit Turkish cities #BuradaElektrikYok

I am sure the government will accuse Gülen movement or Occupy Gezi activists for the blackout…  Massive power blackouts hit Turkish cities Several provinces, including Istanbul and Ankara, were hit by massive power blackouts on March 31.   Turkish PM says all possibilities for power outage, including terror attack, being investigated Several provinces, including Istanbul and Ankara, … Read more

“Three Istanbul streets make world’s top 10 for rent hikes in 2014” Istanbul news roundup…

Three Istanbul streets make world’s top 10 for rent hikes in 2014 According to data in the annual real estate report of international real estate consultancy firm Cushman & Wakefield, Istanbul’s İstiklal Avenue, Bağdat Avenue and Abdi İpekçi Avenue ranked in the top 10 streets for rent increases in the world. Istanbul’s new creative hub retains … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “An Emerging Science of Clickbait…”How to Fake your Location in Google Chrome…

Chromebooks: The Mobile Cloud Computing Catalyst social media vb by David H Deans ​While Microsoft and Intel were busy planning the introduction of a high-price Ultrabook PC concept — which was focused on vendor needs for higher profit margins — Google was working on developing a low-price Chromebook model that was targeted at an under-served market. How to Fake your Location in Google … Read more

6-19 Nisan 2015’te İnternet Haftası ’15

Türkiye İnterneti 12 nisanda 22. yılını doldurmuş olacak. Türkiye İnternet Kamuoyunu, 6-19 Nisan’da gerçekleşecek 18. İnternet Haftasını bir şenlik havasında tüm ülkede internetin 22 yaşını kutlamaya çağırıyoruz. Tüm kesimlerden; Üniversiteler, Ticaret ve Sanayi Odaları, Çiftçi Birlikleri, Ziraat Odaları, Mühendis Odaları, Barolar, Tabip Odaları, Bankalar Birliği, Noterler Birliği, Organize Sanayi Bölgeleri, Yerel Yönetimler, İnternet Cafeler, Okullar, … Read more

Council of Europe says Turkey Didn’t Implement 1,241 ECHR Rulings As 58 notable citizens probed for criticizing Anadolu Agency on Twitter

58 probed for criticizing Anadolu Agency Hurriyet Daily News A probe has been launched into 58 well-known figures on the grounds that they criticized the state-run Anadolu Agency on Twitter Democracy at Risk: IPI Special Report on Turkey, 2015 ACTURCA International Press Institute (IPI) March 2015 Steven M. Ellis * Turkish authorities’ failure to safeguard – and, … Read more

Good old days: Turkish Psychedelic songs by @duyguuuarslan at @listeList

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Anthropology roundup: ” Anthropologists When They’re the Expert in the Courtroom.

We weaponized anthropology. Why didn’t it work? The Fabius Maximus website (blog) Yesterday’s post recommended Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State (2011) by David H. Price (Prof of anthropology at St. Martin’s U; bio here). In this great book he describes one facet of America’s militarization .. View image | … Read more

While main opposition party CHP has a first, Primaries; Erdoğan declares “Turkey’s parliamentary system in the waiting room…

Turkey’s parliamentary system in the waiting room, says President Erdoğan Turkey’s existing parliamentary system has been in the waiting room to be replaced by the presidential system since the last year’s presidential election, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, reiterating his demand for ‘400 lawmakers’ in the June 7 general election to make this change possible. … Read more

Not surprisingly, Turkey welcomes fall of Idlib, attacked by al-Qaeda led rebels…

Turkey welcomes fall of key city in Syria’s north Turkish officials have expressed their satisfaction at the seizure of the northern Syrian city of Idlib by opposition forces, stressing that the Ankara-supported Free Syrian Army (FSA) was part of the winning side. Turkey’s ‘secret fund’ spending climbs to new highs The amount of spending from the Turkish … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Infographic – Human error causes alarming rise in data breaches

Infographic based on ICO FOI request data by Egress Software Technologies, providers of email security as well as large file transfer and encryption software. Twitter Data Mining Reveals the Origins of Support for Islamic State  MIT Technology Review Studying the pre-Islamic State tweets of people who end up backing the organization paints a revealing picture of … Read more

Amnesty International: “Draconian reforms give police wide-ranging powers to repress dissent

Turkey: Draconian reforms give police wide-ranging powers to repress dissent Amnesty International – Mar 27, 3:53 PM – Photo: Riot police confront a protester at Istiklal street near Taksim square in Istanbul, on 15 June 2013. © OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images A range of security reforms in a bill passed by Turkey’s Parliament today will give … Read more

Toprak vs. Mahçupyan at #newarabdebates Join the 30 March Turkish Democracy special session of New Arab Debates (NAD) at Boğaziçi University

Turks to discuss whether democracy is failing Istanbul, March 28, 2015 – A controversial public forum here will examine the health of Turkey’s democracy amid growing international concern over restrictions on free speech and the internet. The special session of the New Arab Debates (NAD), to be held at Istanbul’s Bogazici University  – Albert Long … Read more