Cyberculture agenda: “Rumors of Facebook’s Demise Among Teens Exaggerated”

The Unbearable Horror of Corporate Instagram Hashtags The prolific, epidemic, and ineffective attempt to reach young, hip, millennial consumers. in Matter, by Alana Hope Levinson STUDY: Rumors of Facebook’s Demise Among Teens Exaggerated All Facebook by David Cohen Despite the continuous flow of reports claiming that teens are done with Facebook, a new report from Pew … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Infographic – Human error causes alarming rise in data breaches

Infographic based on ICO FOI request data by Egress Software Technologies, providers of email security as well as large file transfer and encryption software. Twitter Data Mining Reveals the Origins of Support for Islamic State  MIT Technology Review Studying the pre-Islamic State tweets of people who end up backing the organization paints a revealing picture of … Read more

Video of ‘Guardian’ Editors Destroy Edward Snowden Files.. A cyberculture roundup…

Watch ‘Guardian’ Editors Destroy Edward Snowden Files With two British spies supervising, three employees of the Guardian used angle grinders and a drill to destroy three laptops containing the files leaked to the news organization by Edward Snowden. Social media transforms lessons   Is social media set to kill schoolbooks? So it looks like Google … Read more

“New Measures of Scholarly Impact” and an academic roundup

New Measures of Scholarly Impact Data analytics are changing the ways to judge the influence of papers and journals. more Picking on Social Science House Republicans invite scrutiny of federal funding for social and behavioral sciences. Is anyone biting? more Endgame capitalism: an interview with Simon During from The Immanent Frame by Nathan Schneider Simon … Read more