EFD Rights Watch: five sergeants -allegedly- sexually abused a 16-year-old girl and released…

Prosecutors launch probe into sergeants over accusations of sexual abuse of minor in Turkey Prosecutors in the southeastern Anatolian province of Bingöl have launched an investigation over accusations that five sergeants sexually abused a 16-year-old girl. ***************** Uludere case sent to a military court The Diyarbakır public prosecutor has ruled the ongoing Uludere case out … Read more

In the mean time, largest Wisconsin protests ever…and Obama’s humiliating concession on Guantanamo…

Obama’s humiliating concession on Guantanamo from Mark Mardell | The Reporters One of Barack Obama’s very first acts as president was to sign an order closing the detention centre for suspected terrorists at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba. Et Tu, Barack! The Torture Continues from WhirledView by Patricia Lee Sharpe By Patricia Lee … Read more

In the mean time, Wisconsin citizens take a cue from the Arab uprisings…

more photos here 2011 Wisconsin budget protests Egyptian orders a pizza for the Wisconsin demonstrators from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Ian’s, a pizzeria near the Wisconsin state capitol that is sympathetic to the demonstrators, has been facilitating the process of supporters around the world who want to send pizza to the protest. They’ve fielded … Read more

Erkan has his first book published!

Blaming Others This is basically my master thesis. I had finished this just before i flew to Houston to start my PhD. In a more traditional sense this is much more ethnographic than my dissertation. When I have a look after so many years, I am really proud of with what I did in this … Read more

2 million workers are expected to strike today. Strike diary will be updated all day

Honestly, it will surprise me if the strike succeeds. I will keep an eye on what happens today. update: 6 Feb 2010. It seemed that the general strike did not really work. Worker actions remained low profile… Petrolİş started a unionisation campaign here. What we accomplished with ?Tekel resistance? by ORAL ÇALIŞLAR – RADİKAL The … Read more

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