Bulgarian truck drivers block traffic at the Turkey-Bulgaria border, Depeche Mode fans devastated in Istanbul…

Headlines you don’t see every day: Disgruntled Bulgarian truckers keep British band from performing in Turkey Reuters brings us today’s reminder that the world is a confusing, intricately interconnected place: Disgruntled Bulgarian truck drivers blocked traffic at two major border checkpoints with neighboring Turkey on Friday to protest against what they said were Turkish restrictions … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Turkey?s interior minister calls Uludere victims “extras”. Another lower point for the AKP rule…

Minister points at Air Force for Uludere raid from Hurriyet Daily News Turkey?s interior minister weighs into the row over Uludere, labeling the dead villagers ?extras?… Uludere and politics as a conspiracy from Hurriyet Daily News Uludere was a terrible event and has been a controversial issue from the beginning. Now, there is a new … Read more

A video: We Are Wisconsin

“We stand together to support workers and families of Wisconsin. We are teachers, firefighters, fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, young, and old. We are Wisconsin. via: Voices and pictures from Madison, Wisconsin, protests

2 million workers are expected to strike today. Strike diary will be updated all day

Honestly, it will surprise me if the strike succeeds. I will keep an eye on what happens today. update: 6 Feb 2010. It seemed that the general strike did not really work. Worker actions remained low profile… Petrolİş started a unionisation campaign here. What we accomplished with ?Tekel resistance? by ORAL ÇALIŞLAR – RADİKAL The … Read more

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