2 million workers are expected to strike today. Strike diary will be updated all day

Honestly, it will surprise me if the strike succeeds. I will keep an eye on what happens today.

update: 6 Feb 2010. It seemed that the general strike did not really work. Worker actions remained low profile…


Petrolİş started a unionisation campaign here.

What we accomplished with ?Tekel resistance?


The resistance Tekel workers have shown in Ankara despite the snow, cold and bad conditions has already gone down in history as a major success, considering that Turkey?s recent past has not been very optimistic in terms of workers? rights, organization and successful resistance.

“General Action” of Tekel Workers on 4 February

from Bianet :: English

The six trade union confederations representing the interests of the Tekel workers in Ankara decided to go for a “general action” on 4 February. The decision was taken after the government did not step back from temporary employment of the workers.

Tekel Workers’ Resistance: Re-Awakening of the Proletariat in Turkey

Erinç Yeldan


The strike was most effective in İzmir as of the middle of the day.

a propaganda video that is prepared for the ?4th. of february, general strike- general resistance? day for solidarity with tekel workers..

A group of leftist protesters in solidary in an Istanbul boat VIA

ODTU students in solidarity with workers at Mount Ararat

Millions of People Stop Work for Tekel Workers

from Bianet :: English
Millions of members of six union confederations join the general strike to support Tekel workers in their struggle for job security and take action against the pressure imposed to the workers. Türk-İş President Kumlu repeated the request to protect the workers’ employee personal rights.

Turkish unions call one-day strike

from FT.com – World, Europe
Turkish workers march in Ankara and Istanbul as six unions called a one-day strike to support employees fired from Tekel, the tobacco company privatised and bought by British American Tobacco in 2008

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