Cengiz Aktar: Dış mihrak edebiyatı / Memur Sen/ Atletizmde mükemmel nal topladık

Dış mihrak edebiyatı  28 mayıstan bu yana iktidar bir dış mihraktır tutturdu mâlum. Şimdi aynı hain dış mihraklar Mısır?ı karıştırmış, sonbaharda burayı yine karıştırabilirlermiş. ?Bugün Mısır, yarın belki Türkiye?!   ?Dış mihrak? demek o ülkenin itiraz eden, talep eden vatandaşının iradesini hakir görmek, onun kandırılmış olduğu varsaymak, meşruiyetini itibarsızlaştırmak demektir. Erdoğan?ın beğenmediği her itiraz dışarıdan tahrik edilir, … Read more

Police violence today. in Ankara during the day, in Istanbul in the evening…

An MEP, Ertuğrul Kürkçü was also injured by the police intervention in Taksim tonight… All photos from Istanbul  Riot police resort to tear gas to quell ‘justice marchers’ hoping to make statement at Gezi Park Riot police in Istanbul intervened once more against a Gezi demonstration, including three young protesters who had traveled to Istanbul on … Read more

The 21st Day in #OccupyTurkey. Protests more or less calming down while the gov’t threatens to bring troops…

Abbasağa Park, Beşiktaş, 17 June 2013. Citizens’ Forum. Police is ?Working on? Twitter, Interior Minister Says Reminding that 3 policemen were suspended within an investigation and announcing today?s general strikes as ?illegal?, Interior Minister Muammer Güler said they are working on social media. Turkish trade unions call for strike Workers urged to leave jobs on Monday afternoon … Read more

Erkan has his first book published!

Blaming Others This is basically my master thesis. I had finished this just before i flew to Houston to start my PhD. In a more traditional sense this is much more ethnographic than my dissertation. When I have a look after so many years, I am really proud of with what I did in this … Read more

Bilgi University becomes the first private university to unionize in Turkey

After being acquired by an American education company, Laureate, (starting with this academic year, 2009-2010), Bilgi University employees of all sorts (academics and administrative workers) had been increasingly having job security issues as well as anxiety for possible policy changes. There haven’t been many concrete cases to encourage this rise of anxieties (but of course … Read more