Qype is a useful website to get information and reviews about Restaurants, bars, hotels, events, where to shop, where to eat, or cultural and art happenings in many major European cities (but increasingly available in other parts of global network such as Brazil. It basically depends on customer reviews. It is particularly strong in London and one will get tons of reviews on Restaurants London or Pubs London. In fact it is already default opening city there. It is easy to navigate and offers six languages to read the site and also you can look at other cities. It was founded in 2005 by a German internet entrepreneur and in two years it became a pan-European interactive traveling tips site (more here). Well, understandably I had a look at Istanbul. Although I have certainly found more than expected reviews, it needs more feedback in terms of review counts. Howeveri it lists major touristic attractions (I had a look at cafes and coffee house listings ie.) and it is satisfactory in that respect. Well, for London and for some other major European cities, there is certainly more feedback…

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