In the mean time in Europe: #euromaidan protests in Ukraine…


From a #euromaidan in Ukraine

How do we (and Ukrainians) make sense of what is happening in Ukraine? Is the hashtag #euromaidan of any help in understanding the choice being made between the EU and Russia, or yet another symbol of a general failure to understand anything?

Truncheon-wielding police break up Ukraine pro-EU rally, injuring dozens of protesters

Ukraine police swinging truncheons brutally dispersed protesters calling for President Viktor Yanukovych to resign after he refused to salvage an EU deal

#Euromaidan: How Ukraine Came to Be Rocked by Protests

On November 21, 2013, Ukrainian government officially announced it was suspending preparations for an EU-Ukraine Association agreement, due to be signed in Vilnius the following week. The agreement would be a historic landmark in Ukraine’s economic and political integration into Europe, and was seen by many as a sign of its geopolitcal choice between Russian and the EU.

Berlusconi kicked out of Italian senateSilvio Berlusconi‘s scandal-haunted political career has suffered a potentially killing blow: following his conviction for tax fraud, the upper house of the Italian parliament has tossed him out, stripping him of his seat. Berlusconi insists that he will be exonerated by new evidence, and has called upon the president of Italy to pardon him (though he will not formally petition for a pardon, insisting that it should be forthcoming as a matter of course). Assuming the pardon is not forthcoming, he will go to prison in 2014.

Q&A: What benefits can EU migrants get?

Europeans? welfare rights when they live in another EU country

MAIN FOCUS: Moldova and Georgia move closer to EU | 29/11/2013

The EU initialled association agreements with the Republic of Moldova and Georgia at theEastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on Friday. Scant consolation in view of Ukraine’s move toward Moscow, some commentators note. Others predict that Russia’s iron-fist policy won’t be successful in the long run


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