Politics roundup: “Proposed electoral system likely to favor ruling AKP…Ruling AKP?s Çelik corrects PM’s advisor: “Our prime minister is not a socialist

Proposed electoral system likely to favor ruling AKP The narrowed constituency election model would favor large parties and hinder party representation in Parliament, but would lower intra-party authoritarianism, according to analysts Our prime minister is not a socialist: Ruling AKP?s Çelik Prime Minister Erdoğan is a conservative and democratic person, but not a socialist, Çelik … Read more

Ergenekon verdict aftermath: “International press body alarmed over Ergenekon?s journalist imprisonments…

International press body alarmed over Ergenekon?s journalist imprisonments The IPI expressed concern over the Turkish journalists sentenced to prison terms in the Ergenekon trial The Turkish Trial That Fell Far Short While the Ergenekon trial was a milestone in civilian control over the military, it was flawed in other respects. Turkish Army calls for calm … Read more

Ergenekon verdict aftermath. A roundup…

Turkish leader accused of witch-hunt as army coup plotter is jailed for life Police fire teargas at protesters outside court as critics say Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used trial to weaken military Turkey is facing angry divisions after a former armed forces commander was sentenced to life imprisonment with 16 other retired officers for their role … Read more

Campaign site: Say no to Abortion Ban!

TO THE POLICIES OF THE PRIME MINISTER AND THE GOVERNMENT THAT TARGET GENDER EQUALITY, WOMEN’S BODIES, REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, AND SEXUALITY, OUR RESPONSE IS A RESOUNDING “NO!”   A roundup of news from Turkish politics:  Erdogan’s Turkish Spring: Crosscurrents in the Bosphorus Forbes (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By James D. Zirin Thousands of women took to the … Read more

TR Politics roundup: Arrested military officials’ wives’ Anıtkabir show; Oda TV arrests…

more photos here The Hasdal prison visit by FATMA DİŞLİ ZIBAK Chief of General Staff Gen. Işık Koşaner and four force commanders of the Turkish military visited the Hasdal Military Prison on Friday to see military officers and generals who were recently arrested as part of a probe into the Sledgehammer coup plan, which includes … Read more

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