A literati roundup: New digital archives… Google?s Music Timeline… Twitter data for academics…

  Twitter Opens Its Enormous Archives to Data-Hungry Academics   Twitter is sharing its massive trove of data with the academic world — for free.   15,000 Colorful Images of Persian Manuscripts Now Online, Courtesy of the British Library   Turnitin Put to the Test Did the plagiarism detection software Turnitin cut “unoriginal writing” by … Read more

Back to basics… At 21:30 Police invervention on the peaceful crowds in Taksim Square… #OccupyTurkey

Before the intervention: After… Protesters gather in Istanbul’s Taksim Square with carnations in hand Hundreds of protesters gathered today in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, a week after the police cleared Gezi Park after a muscled crackdown. via @xeciiyan Turkish Foreign Ministry hold talks with German ambassador amid EU row German Ambassador Pohl held talks today with Turkish Foreign … Read more

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