IHH’s Gaza Flotilla decision may have proved government hand in the flotilla case in general…

As I had previously written, the second Gaza Flotilla would be a political stunt. As AKP won the elections, it seems there is no need for a stunt. And Turkish boat dropping out of Gaza flotilla today proves the point…

Gov’t pressure on İHH divides group before flotilla decision

Hürriyet Daily News
Under indirect pressure from the government to cancel plans to send a new flotilla to Gaza, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, or İHH, is facing a growing split.

Turkish boat drops out of Gaza flotilla
Boston Globe
(Osman Orsal/ Reuters) Associated Press / June 18, 2011 ISTANBUL ? A Turkish boat that became an international symbol of anti-Israeli activism has dropped out of a Gaza-bound flotilla that plans to set sail for the Palestinian territory at the end of

Turkey should block planned Gaza flotilla after vote, says Israel
Workers work on the cruise liner Mavi Marmara which is under maintenance in a shipyard in Istanbul. (File photo) By AGENCE-FRANCE PRESSE Israel hopes the Turkish government of re-elected Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will block a flotilla of

Turkey not a model, but a source of inspiration for change

by HDN
There are two types of countries in the Middle East, the ones that require demonstrations in their Tahrir Squares to initiate change and the ones that can use the ballot box for the same purpose.

The Arab Spring, Europe and Turkey

by HDN
The Paris Bosphorus Institute set up in the French capital two years ago by a Turkish association to improve relations between the two countries has been a success in the short time it has been operating.

Which Turks hate Israel most

by HDN
There was an interesting story in the Daily News last week, about the cancelling of a Yuval Ron concert in Istanbul. Mr. Ron, an award-wining Israeli musician.

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