Day 1, Scene 1 in Turkey. ” arms in truck [in Hatay] bound for Syria…

During the day, Burhan Kuzu, an AKP deputy who happens to be a professor on constitutional law, tweeted that a list that contains around 2 thousand high level bureaucrats’ names have been given to PM Erdoğan. Supposedly these people are followers of Fethullah Gülen and will be eliminated from the state bureaucracy. Mr. Kuzu is known to have lost his reasonable argumentation gradually as he became a vocal supporter of the ruling party. So I did not take it too seriously. Since AKP is already replacing many bureaucrats without much rational explanation. …

Towards the end of the day a breaking news popped up: Turkey seizes arms in truck [in Hatay]bound for Syria. It was also claimed that the truck belonged to IHH, an explicitly jihadist charity organization that started the Mavi Marmara incident. IHH officials vehemently denied this. It might be true. CHP deputy of Hatay also confirmed the truck did not belong to IHH. But in the mean time, nobody denied arms…And in the mean time, pro-AKP Sabah daily’s editor threatened Radikal daily correspondent who made the news about the truck…

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It is sort of a common belief that government allows arms shipments to Jihadist opposition in Syria. This was yet another possible evidence. It is claimed that Turkish intelligence prevented gendarme to  prevent further search… True or false, the problem is government prefers not transparency in this issues like in many other issues.

In the mean time, pro-AKP circles produced more than enough discursive trash on the first day of the year.

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A local correspondent of İhlas Haber Ajansı supported re-emergence of “unsolved murders”. He later closed his account and stated that his account was hacked… But his previous twitter  messages were quiet aggressive…

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Another journalist blamed Gülen Movement and warned for possible attacks to prep schools… And then comes worse: Hamdi Kılıç, an advisor of PM Erdoğan threatens with “traditions of the state responses might be very harsh”:

In other news:

The making of a state crisis: When will President Gül act?


Recent Turkish history has introduced important concepts to the political sciences with diverse definitions of undemocratic interventions in politics and elected governments

Turkey probe links building and politics

Erdogan response to inquiry targeted on ministers exposes links that have flourished between PM and construction industry over decade of his rule


Turkish PM Erdoğan labels graft probe an ?assassination attempt?


PM Erdoğan has described the ongoing graft probe as an ?assassination attempt hidden in a package of corruption,’ during the broadcast of his monthly address to nation


Turkish corruption scandal is mini coup attempt, says deputy PM


Ali Babacan echoes suggestions by PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan of a foreign interest in the crisis

Turkey’s government has said it is fending off a “mini coup attempt” by elements in the police and judiciary who served the interests of foreign and domestic forces bent on humbling the country.


From Gezi to Kurdish peace bid, 2013 a year of turbulence for Turkey


From a peace bid in the East to a Park riot in the West, Turkey witnessed many major events

Turkey’s power struggles threaten the nation ? Editorial Board ? 1/1/14 ? TURKEY’S LATEST political crisis is one to which the overused adjective byzantine could fairly be applied. Prosecutors have brought graft charges against the sons of three cabinet ministers, the head of a state bank, a big developer and other

Turkey’s former chief of general staff demands release over PM Erdoğan?s remarks

İlker Başbuğ, who was sentenced to life in prison, has filed a petition for his release citing Erdoğan?s statement that there are ‘gangs within the state’

Another ruling party MP quits over Turkey graft scandal


Another lawmaker from Turkey’s ruling party resigned on Tuesday over a high-level corruption scandal, further shaking Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s grip on power. Hasan Hami Yildirim had criticised the government for exerting pressure on the judiciary over the graft investigation, which has plunged Turkey into political turmoil just three months ahead of key elections. The corruption


Thousands of soldiers discharged after reduction of compulsory military service

Thousands of soldiers have been discharged from their duty Jan. 1 after the entry into effect of the regulation decreasing the compulsory military service by 3 months


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