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Saudi pays $190.7m for 469 Istanbul apartments

Manama: A Saudi businessman is paying $190.7 million (Dh700.27 million) for 469 apartments inIstanbul, a Turkish daily reported. The sale by Agaoglu Group, one of the highest flyers in the Turkish real estate industry, made up nearly 10 per cent of


Beyond Istanbul: Turkey’s lesser known hideaways

CNN International

Grand palaces, ancient ruins, magnificent mosques — there are many things that can pique a traveler’s interest in Turkey. But get past the popular spots and you’ll find several destinations that even the greatest Turkophiles may not have visited


theartsdesk in Istanbul: City on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown?

The Arts Desk

Late on a spring Friday evening, İstiklal Caddesi, the main shopping thoroughfare inIstanbul’s Beyoğlu district, exudes all the delicious traditional Turkish aromas: roasting chestnuts, fierce black coffee, döner grills and simit, İstanbul’s bagel


Istanbul’s Greeks Demand Citizenship Restoration

Greek Reporter

Greeks in İstanbul, known as Rums (Turkey’s Greeks), are finally given the chance to actually voice their demands thanks to recent improvements relating the minorities’ rights. Talks have been carried out with government officials through the İstanbul


Istanbul 2020:Crossing the Waterways between Europe and Asia

Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Istanbul is a city on the water, but unlike many port cities, it’s not just one body of water that has shaped its history. Due to some geological quirks back when the Ice Age ended, a lake turned into the Sea of Marmara, connected to the Aegean


Istanbul fairs aims to drawn conservative collectors to modern art

Art Newspaper

The same team determined to put Istanbul onto the international art fair circuit with Contemporary Istanbul (entering its eight edition, 7-10 November) launched a new event designed to deepen the market for traditional Ottoman and Islamic art.


A Cast-Iron Church In Istanbul


This church on the shoreline of Istanbul looks ornate yet pretty normal ? that is until you go up and take a closer look. The Bulgarian St. Stephen Church isn’t made of stone but rather of cast iron. It’s a rare survival of a 19th-century craze in



Istanbul in movies: Through the eyes of strangers

from Hurriyet Daily News

The recent release of Turkish movie ?Yabancı? (The Stranger) is yet another movie where Istanbul serves as more than a setting, becoming a formidable entity.



Postcard: Istanbul

South China Morning Post

Stretching along both sides of the Bosphorus, the cosmopolitan Turkish city of Istanbul is a mesmerising metropolis. A bridge between Europe and Asia, a melting pot of cultures and peoples, it is steeped in tradition but also ever growing – with both


Debates over Istanbul’s architectural landscape

The owner of the skyscrapers criticized by the prime minister for damagingIstanbul’s historic silhouette has defended himself, saying the buildings were in line with plans and had received approval from the municipality. Erdoğan’s previous critical

8 best Istanbul hotels

CNN International

In Istanbul, you’re never stuck for something to do, see, eat or drink — no matter what time of the night or day it is. But even the most energetic travelers need somewhere to take a breather. In a city packed with more hotels than you could visit in

Photo Gallery: Views of Istanbul – The Windsor Star

Windsor Star

People relax at sunset on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. Though not the capital, Istanbul is the cultural, economic, and financial heart of Turkey with a population of over 13 million people. Situated on the Bosphorus strait, t


Little foreign interest in Istanbul airport tender – sources


ANKARA, April 19 (Reuters) – A tender to build Istanbul’s third airport, which Turkey says will be the world’s largest, is not expected to attract more than four bids, with limited foreign interest in the 7 billion euros ($9 billion) project, sources


German Bourse Group closely following Istanbul’s finance center bid

Turkish Press

The German Bourse Group is closely interested in a project to make Istanbul one of the globe’s major finance centers, said Frank Herkenhoff, the group’s spokesperson, told the Anadolu Agency. Herkenhoff praised Turkey’s economy, adding that Turkey was


Jamie Oliver ‘happy’ to step onto Istanbul’s food stage with new restaurant

from Hurriyet Daily News

Possibly the most famous chef on the small screen, Jamie Oliver, has given details of the plans for his new restaurant that is set to open in Istanbul.


Europe’s sun rises from Istanbul, Turkish EU minister says

from Hurriyet Daily News

The sun rises for Europe in Istanbul, Turkish EU Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış said, addressing the audience at an Erasmus student exchange program meeting.


Istanbul’s inbound tourism riding high – TravelDailyNews International

Travel Daily News International

ISTANBUL ? Hospitality industry experts scheduled to speak at The Turkey & Neighbours Hotel Investment Conference (CATHIC) next month, characterise Istanbul, the host city, as a rapidly growing destination where the hotel development pipeline rivals


Istanbul as International Financial Center

EconoMonitor (blog)

It is no secret that the Turkish government wants to make a financial center out of Istanbul. They unveiled this ?grand project? back in 2009, and then held a series of public and private meetings with stakeholders and experts afterwards,, which led me


ICANN to Open Istanbul Hub

ag-IP-news Agency

ISTANBUL – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé today announced in a press release the organization will open its first hub office in Istanbul, Turkey. The announcement marks


ICANN heads for Istanbul (blog)

More good news for Istanbul’s ambitions to establish itself as a hub: even the internet is hearkening to its call. Fadi Chehade, chief executive of ICANN, the organisation responsible for running the domain name and IP address systems, announced on



Red tides spotted on Marmara Sea, near Istanbul shores

from Hurriyet Daily News

Red tides have been seen in the Marmara Sea, near Istanbul shores April 25.


Exhibit displays 1001 faces of Orientalism

from Hurriyet Daily News

The new exhibition opened at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, ?1001 Faces of Orientalism? examines Orientalism from a multi-dimensional perspective


Ancient epic tales to go on display in Istanbul

from Hurriyet Daily News

The oldest copy of the Dede Korkut myths, a series of epic tales narrating the life of ancient nomadic Turks.


Red tide poses risk for sea ecosystem

from Hurriyet Daily News

The extreme change of color in the Marmara Sea off of the Thracian province of Tekirdağ

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