Cyberculture roundup: “Yahoo seems to have betrayed its users…

For years, Yahoo has been scanning the email of unknowing users and then turning this information over to US intelligence agencies. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters broke the story today that Yahoo is complicit in breaching the privacy of millions of potential users, even beyond its recent hack. The company complied with a US intelligence directive that saw millions of Yahoo Mail accounts scanned in near-real time as opposed to the stored message scanning relied on most commonly. This breach seemingly targeted millions of users, all of which were unaware they were being monitored. In fact, ‘complicit’ may be the…
Delete Your Yahoo Account

There’s no good reason to have a Yahoo account these days. But after Tuesday’s bombshell report by Reuters, indicating the enormous, faltering web company designed a bespoke email-wiretap service for the U.S. government, we now know that a Yahoo account is a toxic surveillance liability.

In a bombshell published today, Reuters is reporting that, in 2015, Yahoo complied with an order it received from the U.S. government to search all of its users’ incoming emails, in real time.

There’s still much that we don’t know at this point, but if the report is accurate, it represents a new—and dangerous—expansion of the government’s mass surveillance techniques.

How Did the Feds Get Past Yahoo’s Encryption? Yahoo!

For Apple and now for Yahoo, stronger encryption only made government spying demands more aggressive.

The Internet Finally Belongs to Everyone

ICANN might not be perfect. But it just might be the future.

uTorrent’s New Altruistic Mode Baffles Enthusiastic File-Sharers

In general terms, torrent clients haven’t undergone much development in the past several years. They essentially do what they did a decade ago, albeit with a number of additional bells and whistles.

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