A video: “How Women are Conquering Metal”

Hell yeah! 00:06 Women are making significant strides in the metal music scene. 03:28 Women pioneers in metal music 06:05 Metal women can growl, shout, and roar regardless of gender, focusing on technique. 08:57 Women in metal face challenges and discrimination 11:36 Metal scene is opening up for women musicians. 14:03 Women in metal are … Read more

A weekend of Heavy Metal Fest in İstanbul begins today…

So many groups I love to listen to and attend their performance.. All starts up in a few hours. Here are the bands, the fest lasts three days, until Monday night (!) More info here  

All my childhood, adolescence, middle age favorite band Slayer is in pains… like all the fans… Hanneman dies at 49

Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Dead At 49 from Metal Hammer by Merlin Slayer with Jeff (second left) We are shocked and completely gutted to confirm that Slayer have reported that guitarist Jeff Hanneman has passed away.   RIP SLAYER Guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Dead At Age 49 from Metal Injection by RobInjection We have some very … Read more

“Free Randy Blythe” campaign

“Free Randy Blythe” Randy Blythe denied bail in Czech Republic ? Examiner.com – 1 day ago According to an article published by the Gauntlet on Wednesday, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe, who has been in a Czech prison for a   Randy Blythe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Randall “Randy” Blythe (born February 21, 1971) is the vocalist of American … Read more

Roi Ben-Yehuda: Heavy Metal Music Unites Jews And Muslims Across Middle East – a metal roundup

Heavy Metal Music Unites Jews And Muslims Across Middle East – OpEd By Roi Ben-Yehuda Sometimes change happens in the most unlikely ways, fostered by the most unlikely of people. In the last few years, while Israel?s relationship with the Arab and Muslim world has drastically deteriorated, an Israeli heavy metal band has been uniting … Read more

12 Nisan – Metalkafa – Red Hot Chili Peppers özel- playlist:

Yarın ki metalkafa’da şöyle bir playlistimiz var. Başka bir isteğiniz varsa yorum kısmına ekleyiniz;) 1. Under The Bridge (Sernur istedi) 2. Give It Away 3. Californication 4. Scar Tissue 5. Soul To Squeeze 6. Otherside (Alper Tolga Akkuş istedi) 7. Suck My Kiss 8. By The Way 9. Parallel Universe 10. Breaking The Girl 11. … Read more

Metalkafa 24 ve 25 podcast’leri: Megadeth special- Women fronted metal bands special @murderday

When I was a kid, Warlock’s Doro Pesch was the only metal woman performer I knew…    Erkan Saka ve Halit Bingöllü ile İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi radyosu Radyovesaire’de Metalkafa devam ediyor… metalkafa 25 women fronted metal bands   metalkafa 24- megadeth special

6 Mart 2012 Opeth Istanbul Concert

I could only listen to the first two songs before i left to present the new episode of sosyalkafa…   [View the story “Opeth Istanbul konserinden…” on Storify]

10 Bands in the The History Of Black Metal; Best Hair Metal ballads… A metal roundup

10 Bands That Shaped The History Of Black Metal from Metal Injection by Jeremy Ulrey BLACK METAL: to some it’s the purest embodiment of uncompromising musical nonconformity, while to others it’s the meme that keeps on giving (I predict knit corpsepaint ski masks will be all the rage before February wraps up). These are not … Read more

#metalkafa 23 podcast ve videolistesi- anti-valentine özel bölümü @erdemdilbaz ile

Erdem Dilbaz metalkafa’nın konuğu idi. Buyrun dinleyin: Dün metalkafa dinlenme rekoru kırdı. canlı yayında 21 kişi;) Önceki rekor 15 idi.  

Arch Enemy dün gece İstanbul’daydı


Anıl Sayan’la (@desfigures) ile metalkafa 21- post-rock özel podcast ve videolistesi

Bugün Anıl’ın doğum günü… Bu post ona hediye… metalkafa 21- post-rock özel    

A collection of “Paint it black” covers – and a metal roundup…

Paint it Black En sevdiğim Rolling Stones şarkısı ?Paint it Black?. Yalnız değilim: Incubus W.A.S.P. Inkubus Sukkubus Africa Gien Timpton Lars Ulrich: ?Bruce Dickinson Introduced Me, And I Started Playing ?Run To The Hills? In Front Of 20,000 People? from Metal Hammer by merl Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has commented on his long-time love for … Read more

Barış Akpolat (@barisakpolat) ile Metalkafa 16 podcast’i;)

  Sevgili Barış’la geçenlerde istanbul bilgi üniversitesi iletişim fakültesi radyosu radyovesaire’de metalkafa’yı beraber sunduk…. buyrun indirin dinleyin: Barış Akpolat ile Metalkafa 16

Metalkafa 15 “metal baladları” podcast’i…

16 ve 17. bölümler de yakında;) Metalkafa 15 “metal baladları” ve metal haberlerinden bir toplama: Megadeth – Th1rt3en and other recent heavy metal reviews from About.com Heavy Metal Megadeth’s latest CD features the return of longtime bassist David Ellefson to the fold. After a lull in the late ’90s/early 2000s, the band has been firing … Read more