Roi Ben-Yehuda: Heavy Metal Music Unites Jews And Muslims Across Middle East – a metal roundup

Heavy Metal Music Unites Jews And Muslims Across Middle East – OpEd

By Roi Ben-Yehuda

Sometimes change happens in the most unlikely ways, fostered by the most unlikely of people. In the last few years, while Israel?s relationship with the Arab and Muslim world has drastically deteriorated, an Israeli heavy metal band has been uniting thousands of Jews and Muslims across the Middle East

Album Review: MESHUGGAH Koloss

from Metal Injection by Kit Brown
When you really think about it, Sweden?s Meshuggah is extreme metal?s answer to Tool. Both bands have some of the most supportive and staunch fanbases in their respective genres, both remain enigmatic and reserved despite almost universal critical acclaim, and both take their sweet time in-between album releases. Oh, and they?re both rhythmic as hell

God Forbid – Equilibrium Review

from Heavy Metal
Equilibrium is the first God Forbid album since the departure of guitarist Dallas Coyle. He was replaced by Matt Wicklund (Himsa). The band’s sound has remained relatively …

CD Review: GOD FORBID ? Equilibrium

from Metal Injection by Solomon Encina
God Forbid is one of the most recognized names in American metal music. There?s never much negative criticism towards them, and with good reason; they?ve always been nothing short of awesome. But the only problem bands like God Forbid run into is their new releases come with high standards to meet with fans. And since

Inferno Festival Switzerland 2012 (MESHUGGAH, IMMORTAL) Review

from Metal Injection by Aline Miladinovich
Click here for over 200 photos from Inferno Festival! This being my first trip ever to Switzerland, coupled with the awesome task of covering my very first Swiss Inferno, (the smaller scale, but no less crushing sister festival to Inferno, Norway) I had high hopes about this being an incredible journey, and I was not

April 2012 Best Heavy Metal CDs

from Heavy Metal
In an average month, our reviewers give one or two 4.5/5 ratings to new releases. In April there were a couple of CDs with 4.5’s that didn’t make this month’s top 5, which is unprecedented. That should show the quality of new metal albums in April, and for all of 2012 so far, for that matter. Even with the intense competition, selecting High On Fire for the top spot was a relatively easy decision, and is an album you’ll certainly be seeing on a lot of year end lists for 2012. Determining the rest of April’s best was a tough decision, with appearances from veterans such as Paradise Lost and Accept alongside newcomers Bereft. Here are our choices for the best metal CDs released in April.


Best German Heavy Metal Bands

from Heavy Metal

Germany is a country with a great metal heritage and tons of really good bands.  From the mainstream hard rock/metal sounds of Scorpions to extreme underground bands, the number of quality German metal bands encompasses numerous genres.   Germany is especially known for thrash metal,  and you’ll find a few of the genre pioneers on the list.  Power metal is another genre that’s well represented.  Here’s our list of the best metal bands from Germany.  Who would you add to the list?

Which Country Has The Most Metal Bands Per Capita?

from Metal Injection by RobInjection
Here is a pretty sweet infographic (full-size here) which compiles all the info on Metal Archives into a fancy little heat map chart to find which countries have the most metal bands per-capita. Is it any shock that Sweden, Norway and Finland easily win this one? Portugal, Greece and Chile all fare pretty well themselves.


Angola: Documentary ?Death Metal Angola?

from Global Voices Online by Janet Gunter
New York-based producers of a documentary called ?Death Metal Angola?, about the emerging metal scene in Angola and a rock festival in the city of Huambo, are raising money for post-production costs on crowdfunding platform IndieGogo. The film’s tagline: ?The hardest hardcore is Angolan hardcore.?


Top 10 Most Lethal Weapons In Black Metal

from Metal Injection by Dane Prokofiev
As some of us intelligent people might know, there have got to be a few reasons why black metal weapons look so primitive and are being used as part of many a band’s fashionable poses in black metal photo shoots. To cut a long and analytical lecture short, these reasons can be basically broken down …


Napalm Death Interview

from Heavy Metal

30 years into their career, Napalm Death is going as strong as ever. The British death/grind legends have a new CD, Utilitarian. Vocalist Barney Greenway is always an interesting and entertaining interview, and we spoke about the new album’s concept, the “You Suffer” tribute compilation, the band’s influence and other subjects.

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