Megadeth concert in Istanbul. A social media selection…

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Metalkafa 24 ve 25 podcast’leri: Megadeth special- Women fronted metal bands special @murderday

When I was a kid, Warlock’s Doro Pesch was the only metal woman performer I knew…    Erkan Saka ve Halit Bingöllü ile İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi radyosu Radyovesaire’de Metalkafa devam ediyor… metalkafa 25 women fronted metal bands   metalkafa 24- megadeth special

Sonisphere Istanbul 2010 aftermath, photos, videos…

will probably be updated;) Güneş, Ali and Burak are my concert buddies. A fine moment: Video: Manowar’s Joey Demaio speaks Turkish Video: an 8 minute high quality Metallica video can be found here. Radikal’s review of Rammstein… Happy Erkan. I have finally watched Slayer, Manowar, Megadeth and Anthrax live for the first time. I have … Read more

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