10 Bands in the The History Of Black Metal; Best Hair Metal ballads… A metal roundup

10 Bands That Shaped The History Of Black Metal

from Metal Injection by Jeremy Ulrey
BLACK METAL: to some it’s the purest embodiment of uncompromising musical nonconformity, while to others it’s the meme that keeps on giving (I predict knit corpsepaint ski masks will be all the rage before February wraps up). These are not necessarily irreconcilable opinions on the subject? we here at Metal Injection do our fair share ?


Best Hair Metal Ballads

from About.com Heavy MetalHeavy metal isn’t the most romantic of genres.  There’s a lot of brutality, violence, death and destruction in the music.  However, on this Valentine’s Day, we feature the softer side of metal, namely hair bands.  And nearly every hair metal band in the ’80s and early ’90s had at least one power ballad when fans at concerts would fire up their lighters (that was before cell phones, kids).  So break out the acid-washed jeans and the hairspray and enjoy a guilty Valentine’s Day pleasure of  some of the best hair metal ballads.


Valentine?s Nay: Ten Very Unromantic Song Titles

from Metal Hammer


Astral Doors Interview

from About.com Heavy Metal

Astral Doors are a traditional metal band from Sweden who have been around for a decade or so. Their sixth full-length CD is Jerusalem. Vocalist Patrik Johansson talks about the recording of the new album, his lyrical inspirations, whether Astral Doors will be able to tour in the U.S., updates on some of the other bands he’s a member of and other subjects.

Essential Black Metal Listening: MARDUK’s Panzer Division Marduk

from Metal Injection by Dane Prokofiev
Both black and death metal embody the most misanthropic, morbid, depressing, sickening, and rebellious traits of mankind?yet they are quite different from each other. While death metal is often cartoonish and easy to separate from reality, black metal is often grotesquely grim and starkly realistic. In particular, the war-obsessed brand of black metal popularized by ..


Lamb Of God – Resolution Review

from About.com Heavy Metal


Dave’s Underground Laboratory: January 23, 2012

from About.com Heavy Metal


The Hammer Office Pick Their Top Ten Albums Of 2011

from Metal Hammer by merl

The latest issue saw our 2011 Album Of The Year crowned, and here are the votes cast by our esteemed team of industry experts. Oh shit, actually, it?s the Metal Hammer office.

METALLICA Say Next Album Will Be Shorter, Heavier; Are Probably Lying

from Metal Injection by RobInjection
Metallica love giving quotes to the press hyping up their upcoming music. Remember when Lars said that Lulu,their collaboration with Lou Reed, would blow ?And Justice For All out of the water? Yea, ridiculous. Now, they’ve gone and put their foots in their mouths again when describing what their next studio album will sound like

Metallica: New Album Is A ?Heavier ?Black Album??

from Metal Hammer by merl

Metallica have suggested that their upcoming new album will be a different beast than its predecessor, drawing comparisons to the biggest metal album in history in the process. Iiiiiiiinteresting?.

Nightwish – Imaginaerum and other recent metal CD reviews

from About.com Heavy Metal

Nightwish’s fans have been eagerly awaiting a new album for a few years now, and they should be well-satisfied with Imaginaerum. It’s the typical bombastic, symphonic style of Nightwish’s past work, but is even more cinematic and diverse than usual. The vocal switch from the operatic soprano of Tarja Turunen to the more pop styling of Anette Olzon has been polarizing, but Olzon proves her mettle with an outstanding performance on this album.


Retro Recommendation: Possessed – Beyond The Gates

from About.com Heavy Metal


Best Heavy Metal Interviews Of 2011

from About.com Heavy Metal

One of the most fun things about being a heavy metal writer is being able to interview the artists that make the music we love. (The worst part of being a heavy metal writer is transcribing those interviews!) Every year we interview dozens and dozens of artists, from obscure to up and coming to superstars. In 2011 we interviewed metal musicians from all corners of the globe. Some were in person, others on the phone, and some were also done via email. 99 percent of the interviews I’ve done have been interesting and rewarding, so it is very difficult to pick the best, but these are the artists I most enjoyed interviewing in 2011.


Best Australian Heavy Metal Bands

from About.com Heavy Metal
In the past few years we’ve put together lists of the best metal bands from various countries around the world, such as Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland. Our latest list covers essential metal bands from the land down under. And we just happen to have a native of Australia on our staff, so we enlisted Andrew Kapper to come up with the best Aussie metal bands past and present. Who would you add to the list?


Loincloth Interview

from About.com Heavy Metal

Instrumental metal doesn’t have the fan base of some other genres, with the lack of vocals being a deal-breaker for some. Loincloth takes a different path on their latest CD Iron Balls Of Steel.

Retro Recommendation: Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise

from About.com Heavy Metal


Essential New Zealand Metal Bands

from About.com Heavy MetalOver the years we’ve shined the spotlight on various countries, coming up with our list of the best bands from places like Sweden, Germany and Norway. After recently publishing a list of the best Australian metal bands, we decided to do a similar list with nearby New Zealand. Craig Hayes lives in New Zealand and is deeply immersed in his country’s scene, and was the perfect person to put the list together. Many of these bands will be unfamiliar to North Americans, and links are provided so you can further investigate some excellent metal groups. Which New Zealand metal band would you add to the list?

Scorpions Interview

from About.com Heavy Metal

They’ve been making music for decades, having released albums in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and ’10s. Scorpions are nearing the end of their career, and have embarked on a lengthy farewell tour. They have released their final studio CD of new material, but the band does have two new projects. One is the CD Comeblack, consisting of re-recorded hits and cover songs. There’s also a Blu-Ray DVD Live In 3D: Get Your Sting & Blackout. I spoke with guitarist Rudolf Schenker about the new CD and DVD, the timetable of their farewell tour, some of his best memories of the band’s career and what his future plans are.

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