Eurosphere agenda: “Europe’s Destructive Spirals of Distrust by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

German churches get wi-fi ‘Godspots’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition Wi-fi hotspots will be installed at 220 Protestant churches across the Berlin and Brandenburg region. Europe’s Destructive Spirals of Distrust SAPIENS by Thomas Hylland Eriksen On February 6, 2016, thousands of people protested the immigration of Muslims, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and other cities across Europe. … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: ” beautiful sketches that celebrate life in Paris…

French cartoonist shares beautiful sketches that celebrate life in Paris Mashable! by Sam Haysom LONDON — In the wake of last Friday’s Paris attacks, a French cartoonist has been sketching scenes that celebrate life in France’s capital city. Resettling Syrian Refugees: An Alternative Slate Articles by Reihan Salam In the wake of the Paris attacks, a number … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: New bailout package for Greece… Migrant tragedy in Kos…

VIDEO: Greece prepares for bailout ‘showdown’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition The Greek parliament is due to meet on Thursday and vote on the country’s latest bailout deal, reached with creditors after all night talks on Tuesday Germany sceptical over Greek bailout deal Greek lawmakers will hold an emergency parliament session today for a crucial … Read more

For AKP leadership, peace is something lost on the way to printers… #TurkeyElections

Turkey’s Kurdish peace bid ‘lost on way to printers’ Turkish PM Davutoğlu said two pages about the Kurdish peace bid were accidentally lost while his party’s electoral manifesto was being sent to the printing press, stirring fresh controversy with the HDP, which is focused on the Kurdish problem President Erdoğan chairs cabinet, with Ağrı incident and electorate … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Rapprochement between Greece and Russia…

Germany snubs Greece’s war reparations call as ‘dumb’ Germany snubbed Greece’s call for more than 278 billion euros ($306 billion) in war payments April 7, calling it “dumb” to mix World War II claims with Athens’ negotiations for more aid. MAIN FOCUS: Moscow lures Athens with investments | 09/04/2015  euro|topics Russian President Vladimir Putin and Greek Prime … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “The EU’s expensive, empty airports

Anti-Islam march in German city  BBC News | Europe | World Edition A controversial march against “Islamisation of the West”, and a big counter-demonstration, are held in the German city of Dresden. Germany and the eurozone: The view from Paris Centre for European Reform On recent visits to Berlin, I have been surprised at how negative people … Read more

Turkish economy grows at slowest pace in three years as “Turkish Deputy PM partially acknowledges nepotism in gov’t…

Turkey’s Distressing Dance with Capital Flows Report (TEPAV) N° 201407, November 2014 The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey Fatih Özatay * In the aftermath of the 2001 crisis Turkey took important steps towards achieving macroeconomic and financial stability. Together with favorable international financial conditions, this helped to achieve a rather high per-capita GDP growth. The … Read more