Eurosphere agenda: New bailout package for Greece… Migrant tragedy in Kos…

VIDEO: Greece prepares for bailout ‘showdown’

The Greek parliament is due to meet on Thursday and vote on the country’s latest bailout deal, reached with creditors after all night talks on Tuesday

Greek lawmakers will hold an emergency parliament session today for a crucial vote on ratifying a hurriedly-concluded bailout deal, but Germany  has cast doubt on the agreement.

Athens and the international creditors on Tuesday agreed on the fundamentals of a new bailout package of up to 86 billion euros. Some commentators see this as a glimmer of hope that could usher in an end to the crisis. Others are convinced that Greece will need more money and a debt haircut.

Migrants rescued from sinking dinghy

Italy’s navy rescues 52 migrants from a sinking rubber dinghy in the Mediterranean Sea, but a further 50 people are missing.
Greece reaches technical agreement with creditors

Greece reaches technical agreement with creditors

The forgotten grassroots voices of Greece

“We have good weather here in Greece and we are happy to have coffee for €1, sit and enjoy our leisure time with friends and family – but even this luxury is being taken away from us.”


Nearly 1,000 refugees and migrants were locked overnight in a stadium on the Greek island of Kos as local officials struggle to deal with the influx of new arrivals.

Notes on Greece

In her contribution to the editorial in Soundings’ summer issue, Syriza member Marina Prentoulis assesses the options for grassroots movements in a European Union that has lost sight of any notion of a “Social Europe”; a union determined to preserve a neoliberal agenda.
Varoufakis: Bailout ‘won’t work’

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis says the latest Greek bailout deal with its creditors will not work.
Grexit prevented, Europe irrevocably torn?

The severity of Germany’s approach to July’s Euro-Summit, writes Steffen Vogel, has intensified the conflict between northern and southern Europe. Given Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble’s chosen strategy, the centrifugal forces within the Union are only likely to grow stronger.
Three myths behind the case for Grexit: a destructive analysis

Any hope of a radical change in the economic direction of Europe requires international solidarity, and that solidarity in turn requires the euro.

Part of the port of Piraeus – Europe’s largest passenger port. Wikimedia/Nikolaos Diakidis. Some rights reserved.

Leaked documents show the UK is pushing for watered-down EU air pollution laws to be weakened further, arguing they would cause pit closures leading to substantial job losses and the need to import coal.

VIDEO: Tear gas used on migrants in Kos

Migrants have clashed with police on the Greek island of Kos for a second consecutive day, as tensions build at a sports stadium where hundreds of people have been waiting for official papers.
The materialist turn in Polish politics

Could two surprising new political parties – and Razem – shake up the conservative political system in Poland?

Razem supporters in solidarity with Greece.

Croatia PM to speak on hostage case

Croatia’s prime minister is to address the nation after reports that militants affiliated to Islamic State have killed a Croatian national.

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