Charlie Hebdo once again published Mohammed caricatures, Spain vs. Catalonia and more… a Eurosphere roundup

When Germany was violating what Greece is violating now from Blogactiv by Dimitris Rapidis   Merkel caught in the middle between the Bundesbank and the ECB by Open Europe blog team In her traditional news conference following the summer recess, German Chancellor Angela Merkel walked a fine line in questions about the eurozone crisis, having … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Dutch Elections aftermath, European Economy Reality Check…

Dutch Elections: “The Political Centre is Back!” from The European Citizen by Eurocentric The centre is back is the news out of The Netherlands today – from De Volkskrant Dutch vote gives Europe extra time from – World, Europe It is too early to declare the crisis over. The task of creating the institutions … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Dutch elections, Barroso’s State of the European Union Speech, EU unveils plans for banking union…

Cheap ECB cash could prove to be the worst form of bailout by Open Europe blog team Over on Telegraph blogs, we argue: Stemming the crisis through cheap central bank money sounds so easy. The logic goes: Italy and Spain have economic problems which cause markets to push up their borrowing costs, which now have … Read more

“Anti-Islamic party weighs coalition role



Anti-Islamic party weighs coalition role

from – World, Europe
The Dutch general election has raised the prospect of an extreme anti-immigration and anti-Islamic party being invited to join government in a European capital. The..

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Euro Roundup: Probably Muslims will be blamed for the rise of Dutch anti-Islam party (!)

List of women-friendly mosques in England

from Boing Boing by Lisa Katayama

An inter-faith organization just released a list of the top 100 women-friendly mosques in England. The criteria included things like separate prayer room, daycare services, women in decision-making positions, and women-specific activities. From Faith Matters’ web site:

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