Tonight is the night: 2010 Turkish League title determined

As Beşiktaş frakked up weeks ago, I lost my interest in the League but well today is the last day two games’ results will determine the champion. If at home game Fenerbahçe beats Trabzonspor (TS), there are no complications. It wins the title. In case there is a draw or win by TS, then Bursaspor vs Beşiktaş game’s result will be critical.

here is the standings via:

1Fenerbahce7360:2723-4-6won 813-1-2won 510-3-4won 4
2Bursaspor7262:2522-6-5won 213-1-2won 69-5-3won 1
3Galatasaray6460:3319-7-7lost 111-4-2lost 18-3-5won 2
4Besiktas6446:2318-10-5won 210-5-2won 18-5-3won 1
5Trabzonspor5652:3116-8-9won 111-3-3won 55-5-6lost 2
6Belediyespor5344:4415-8-10draw 18-4-4lost 27-4-6draw 1
7Eskisehirspor5242:3414-10-9draw 111-4-2draw 13-6-7lost 4
8Kayserispor5145:3314-9-10draw 16-7-4draw 18-2-6lost 1
9Antalyaspor4645:3813-7-13won 48-3-5won 25-4-8won 2
10Genclerbirligi4436:3411-11-11draw 15-7-4lost 16-4-7draw 1
11Ankaragucu4036:379-13-11lost 16-8-3lost 13-5-8draw 1
12Kasimpasaspor4050:5210-10-13won 17-5-5won 13-5-8draw 1
13Gaziantepspor3937:389-12-12draw 16-6-5draw 13-6-7lost 2
14Manisaspor3627:348-12-13lost 15-6-5won 13-6-8lost 1
15Sivaspor3339:568-9-16draw 36-2-8draw 12-7-8draw 4
16Diyarbakirspor2728:526-9-18lost 23-4-9lost 33-5-9lost 1
17Denizlispor2529:486-7-20lost 14-6-6won 12-1-14lost 4
18Ankaraspor00:990-0-33lost 330-0-17lost 170-0-16lost 16

Fenerbahçe on brink of Turkish League title

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Fenerbahçe is one home victory away from clinching the Turkcell Super League title after trashing Ankaragücü 3-0 Sunday night.

In the mean time:


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