Contemporary Istanbul 2014 starts… The Istanbul Marathon tomorrow… İstanbul news roundup

A comparison of 20 satellite photos hosted by Google Earth reveals how Istanbul has changed with more concrete and less green spaces in the past decade
Istanbul once again the capital of arts

One of the world’s leading international art fairs, ‘Contemporary Istanbul,’ starts today. The three-day event hosts 104 galleries and 520 artists from 22 countrie
The name of veteran Turkish-Armenian actor Nubar Terziyan has been given to his old street in Büyükdere in Istanbul’s Sarıyer district.
Kurdish books attract attention at Istanbul book fair

…e and Kurdish linguist Celadet Bedirxan are among best-selling writers in this year’s International Istanbul Book Fai
Istanbul to host cross-continental marathon

The Istanbul Marathon, unique for spanning the Asian and European continents, will be run for the 36th time in Istanbul on Nov. 16
Istanbul’s newly-opened culture and art space Uniq Istanbul will host an exhibition by Philippine artist Norge Reichenbach. Titled #PeaceandLove, the exhibition will open at Uniq Gallery on Nov. 13.
Istanbul’s planned Çamlıca mosque will be a female-friendly mosque according to its two female architects, Bahar Mızrak and Hayriye Gül Totu, who will use a budget of around 150 million Turkish Liras for the project.

Istanbul marathon to raise awareness about schizophrenia

Hurriyet Daily News

The Blue Horse (Mavi At, in Turkish) represents the fight against the segregation of the mentally ill. It is a symbol of freedom and social inclusion.

Contemporary Istanbul 2014

DAMn° magazine

Art fair, Istanbul Congress Centre & Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre,Istanbul, Turkey, 13-16 November. It might be clear, culture is alive

The 5 Most-Talked About Projects At The Istanbul Design Biennial


Today, his quote is the theme for the 2 Istanbul Design Biennial, which opened October 29th and runs until December 14th at Galata Greek Primary

Reasons why Istanbul is your new go-to art hub

There’s more reasons than fluffy kittens to head to Istanbul to get your art fix, but Lara Ogel’s digital cat collages, entitled, “A cat lady without cats” are

Tourist Attractions in the Modern Part of Istanbul


Location overview of all the major tourist attractions in the modern part of Istanbul. This map is part ofIstanbul Trails (, your .



At the Barbaros Square near the Beşiktaş ferry station, a neighborhood in central Istanbul, you should definitely go and see the world photographs exhibited in containers

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