Pro-gov’t papers close to anti-Semitism in their Freedom House critique… Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project

Freedom House says Turkish papers resorted to anti-Semitism

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They include the government’s recent releases of journalists in the Ergenekon and KCK cases, regressive changes to Turkey’s Internet law 5651, the blocking of Twitter and YouTube, and the law increasing intelligence,” the statement said, adding that .

Turkey?s Council of State has canceled the controversial Taksim pedestrianization project with a majority of votes
Danıştay Taksim yayalaştırma projesini iptal etti
Advocate Sedat Vural applied to the European Court of Human Rights after his complaint on Taksim May Day Ban was rejected by Turkey?s Constitutional Court.
Bulut will serve as a board member of Türk Telekom, while also continuing in his position as prime ministerial advisor and columnist at daily Star

Turkey’s Institutions Problem ? Erik ? May 3, 2:55 PM ? Turkey has an institutions problem. There, I said it. The problem of Turkey’s institutions is the following: it’s a country with stronger-than-average state powers combined with weaker-than-average citizens’ rights. To see this, just take a look at

A one sided affair: how Erdoğan was able to mobilize the female vote

open Democracy News Analysis – by Sezen Yaraş and Ahu Yigit

Within the AKP there is not much room for women seeking political agency beyond the discourse of victimhood.

Amidst allegations of large-scale government corruption, as well as growing concerns of one party authoritarianism, Turkey?s ruling party AKP emerged victorious from the local elections held on March 30 under the leadership of its chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. An important part of Erdoğan?s electoral success was his effective mobilization of women.According to the polls, more than half of the AKP votes were likely to be cast by women. Yet in return for their support women got little more than a thank you message delivered during the prime minister?s post-election victory speech. Only 1% of AKP mayors elected at the city and the district level are female.


Footage showing two police officers shooting tear gas allegedly at the place where Berkin Elvan was fatally injured has been revealed by the Gezi victim’s lawyers

Watch company contradicts former Turkish minister?s defense over bribing claims

A guarantee certificate cannot bear Çağlayan’s name, according to the company that produced the probed watch

by Eric Meyersson

You can find Eric Meyersson?s fascinating statistical analysis of Turkey?s institutions here. His practical, fact-based approach is a refreshing alternative to news hyperbole.

The takeaway:

Thus the problem is not simply that its institutions are bad, but that they are unbalanced toward state power at the expense of citizens? rights, executive constraints, as well as openness and accountability.

Moreover, this imbalance appears to be getting worse?

Turkey?s institutions are correlated with countries that have significant authoritarian characteristics and strong security establishments, some ? like Iran, Russia, and Belarus ? are international pariahs.



The Turkish Parliament has approved to set up an inquiry commission into the graft allegations on four former ministers with 453 votes against 9 after tense debates
German Marshall Fund of the United States, May 06, 2014 Ian Lesser * Over the longer-term, a more competitive and conflict-prone relationship between Russia and the West will test the foundations of recent Turkish foreign policy. It will also test Ankara?s cooperation with transatlantic partners. First, the current crisis underscores the return of hard security challenges
Central Asia Policy Briefs (Elliot School of International Affairs) No.16 April 2014 George Washington University Bayram Balci * The AKP government, in power since 2002, has long benefited from the unconditional and valuable support of Fethullah Gülen?s sphere of influence, which stretches across many domains. This influence is most notable in domestic policy, where his
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