EFD Rights Watch: 14 tons of water mixed with tear gas used in May Day crackdown…

14 tons of water mixed with tear gas used in May Day crackdown by Istanbul police

A total of 14 tons of water mixed with tear gas was used during the police crackdown on demonstrators on May Day in Istanbul, a lawyer has learned.


Top court ruling may replace conscientious objectors’ prison sentences with community service

Turkey’s Constitutional Court annuled a clause preventing the application of judicial supervision sentences in military courts, daily Hürriyet reported.

Artists protest privatization of state theaters and operas

Turkish stage actors protested in Istanbul against the government plan to privatizate the state theaters and state operas.

Sevan Nişanyan is not alone!


 We protest the thirteen and a half months of sentencing of Sevan Nişanyan charged with the pretext that he does not interpret Islamic mythology like the Islamists. After Fazil Say, who has been also punished because of Omar Khayyam’s poetry, the punishment of the writer, linguist and researcher Nişanyan is not only a strong indication that Sunni Islam‘s intolerance in Turkey is not only widespread at state level but has become clearly the official opinion.

Turkish Court Defends Prophet Against Yours Truly

A criminal court in İstanbul condemned me to 13 ½  months of prison yesterday under art. 216/3 of the Turkish Criminal Code, which concerns ?publicly demeaning the religious values held by a section of the population?.

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