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After the European elections the wrangling over the post of Commission president has begun. With the conservative European People’s Party behind him, Jean-Claude Juncker has the support of the largest parliamentary group. But social democrat Martin Schulz is also laying claim to the post. Schulz should concede his defeat, some commentators write. Others doubt that Juncker can lead the EU out of its crisis.

Grazie Italia ? a ray of hope in a distrustful Europe

This is a crucial opportunity for Italy to make its mark and counter the dogma of austerity as much as the division between so-called core countries and peripheral countries. It is an opportunity for proposing alternatives and a path of growth

1. The European election campaign undoubtedly helped the European Union to do an enormous step towards greater politicisation. Nevertheless the European Union is still far away to be a transnational democracy. There was still no unifying topic that mobilised voters across member states.

On 27 May, EU leaders gather in Brussels for an ‘informal’ European Council meeting to discuss the follow up to the European Parliament elections and the presidential elections in Ukraine. All news and developments here

The European Parliament elections have dealt a blow to Spain’s traditional two-party system. Together, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular (PP) and the opposition Socialist Party (PSOE) won 49% of votes. In 2009, their combined score was 80.9%. No wonder Socialist leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba has decided to step down following his party’s poor showing.

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Agence France-PresseVerified account ?@AFP INFOGRAPHIC: Countries that have elected far-right MEPs to the European Parliament #EP2014 @AFPgraphics

French MEPs reflect on the treatment of information about the EU, especially on TV


Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, whose name has been floated in Brussels, might choose to decline an EU post after making a surprisingly good showing at the European Parliament elections on Sunday

Putin?s rightist peers threaten Europe

The next 751-member European parliament will contain a vocal minority intent on paralysing the EU, speaking up for Moscow and denouncing Washington

Pirate Party Keeps a Seat At The European Parliament


This week people from all across Europe chose their representatives for the European Parliament.

Pirates Are Staying In European Parliament

Falkvinge on Infopolicy – Discussions on information policy and civil liberties by Rick Falkvinge

Pirate Parties:?As of 18:00 on Election Day, it is clear that the Pirate Party remains in the European Parliament for another term. The German exit pollspredict that at least Julia Reda from Germany has just been elected as Member of European Parliament, securing a pirate seat for the coming term. More results as they come in (developing story).

Europe?s Geography of Values

Project Syndicate by Dominique Moisi

Confronted with Russia?s reassertion of its imperial tradition and the deceptive methods and reflexes of the Soviet past, how should Europe respond? To embrace an ?energy raison d?état? that leaves Europe dependent upon Russia for about one-third of its energy resources would be suicidal.

Ukraine’s New President: Can a Candy King Lead a Post-Revolutionary Nation?
KIEV, Ukraine ? “Acting from behind the scenes he directed his money to the heart of the protests: to its peaceful, and then to its bloodiest moments. How did a man with hidden Jewish roots hope to make a deal with the extreme right? It was only when billionaire Poroshenko made a very special announcement it all became clear: He wants to become President!”

What will happen to Cameron?s eurosceptic alliance?

Brussels Blog by Alex Barker

David Cameron and his wife Samantha after voting in last week’s EU parliament elections

David Cameron?s anti-federalist group in the European parliament entered these elections looking a bit shaky. While anti-establishment parties were faring well, the polls for the ECR group were worrying. Cameron took a huge gamble when leaving the centre-right European People?s Party to form a eurosceptic bloc. Some ECR folk feared the group could unravel in the wake of the election.

France and the European elections

open Democracy News Analysis – by Patrice de Beer

Just as shocking as if Nick Griffin’s daughter had cornered 27% of British votes, it is clear why Nick Farage does not want to be associated with ? and tainted by ? his French counterpart. But is it a surprise that ?Enough? is at the core of the FN platform.

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The IndependentVerified account ?@Independent A victory based on anguish, rage and denial. Meet the extremists in Europe’s far-right parties
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