Sonisphere Istanbul 2010 aftermath, photos, videos…

will probably be updated;) Güneş, Ali and Burak are my concert buddies. A fine moment: Video: Manowar’s Joey Demaio speaks Turkish Video: an 8 minute high quality Metallica video can be found here. Radikal’s review of Rammstein… Happy Erkan. I have finally watched Slayer, Manowar, Megadeth and Anthrax live for the first time. I have … Read more

Gods of Metal coming to town…

… Islamist Akit barks.

tomorrow’s program here.

Islamist fundamentalist and highly provocative Vakit barks at Sonisphere festival that starts tomorrow. The festival has a line up beyond imagination for the Turkish metalheads (Sonisphere festival in Turkey. 25-27 June. A lineup beyond imagination)

Vakit labels Rammstein as the most morally depraved band of Europe and it calls for cancellation of the festival while “we have so many martyrs”. The festival is organized by a company “that is owned by Jews” blah blah blah. Anti-semitic, populist, regressive assholes these Vakit people are…
Rammstein wants to play with people from Vakit

Sonisphere reaction from Islamist daily

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Istanbul is preparing to host the Sonisphere Festival this weekend, but it is receiving reactions from Islamist media in the country.

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New Rammstein video, Haifisch, and Metallica Live Footage videos

Rammstein Premiere New Video, ?Haifisch? Official Live Metallica Live Footage and more videos here. via:GIRLS ROCK –

Rammstein Album Banned In Germany!

Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (standard version)

I am not surprised at all. In metalic standards, Rammstein’s new album is quite satisfying. However, contentwise, I am not surprised at all if authories limit the circulation of the album. The band is daring and challenging and we, metalheads, get the album anyway. No limitations can prevent us:)

three favs from the album:

* Pussy

* Liebe Ist für Alle Da

* Mehr

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Not all bands like their music used for torture…

Rage Against Gitmo

from FP Passport by Lauren Seyfried

A large contingent of American bands have joined the Close Gitmo Now campaign in direct protest of the use of their music during torture practices at Guantanamo Bay. The new campaign is led by two retired generals: Lieutenant General Robert Gard and Brigadier General John Johns. Robert Gard has spoken out in defense of the musicians, stating:

In the mean time, Rammstein’s new album is out. It is good but i was not super impressed.Just usual Rammstein I like to listen to without sensational new songs…

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