Rammstein Album Banned In Germany!

Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (standard version)

I am not surprised at all. In metalic standards, Rammstein’s new album is quite satisfying. However, contentwise, I am not surprised at all if authories limit the circulation of the album. The band is daring and challenging and we, metalheads, get the album anyway. No limitations can prevent us:)

three favs from the album:

* Pussy

* Liebe Ist für Alle Da

* MehrRammstein Album Banned In Germany For Being ?Harmful To Children?!

The German authorities come crashing down on Rammstein over their sadomasochistic new album! Get this banned in Germany artwork on the limited-edition Cross Pack copy of the latest issue of Metal Hammer!

As if the hardcore porn video for their track ?Pussy? hadn?t got people in a tizzy enough, now the German authorities have taken the album off of the shelves because of ?Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da?s depictions of sadism/masochism, which have been deemed to be harmful to children and young people.

Rammstein Interview

from About.com Heavy Metal

Rammstein has been back in the news lately, particularly for their decision to shoot an explicit video to accompany the first single off the new album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (love is for everyone). The album has been banned from public display in German stores because of the artwork and lyrical content. About.com spoke with guitarist Paul Landers about whether the video was a publicity stunt or an artistic statement; the difference between European and American audiences and if Rammstein can ever live up to the mainstream success of the hit single “Du Hast.”…….

metal hammer: top 10 albums of 2009

Various Artists – Swedish Death Metal Review

from About.com Heavy Metal

Daniel Ekeroth’s book Swedish Death Metal was an exhaustive chronology of a sound and a movement that spawned influential bands like Entombed and At The Gates. Prophecy Productions has now released an accompanying CD box set that is as essential as the book to understanding the Swedish scene. While many CD complications are nothing more than cash grabs by record companies this is the opposite.

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