“Saudi Arabia Fires Up American PR Machine”, Western powers and (of course Turkey) siding with Jihadist-sponsor Saudis against Iran…

After Executing Regime Critic, Saudi Arabia Fires Up American PR Machine  The Intercept by Lee Fang Saudi Arabia’s well-funded public relations apparatus moved quickly after Saturday’s explosive execution of Shiite political dissident Nimr al-Nimr to shape how the news is covered in the United States. The execution led protestors in Shiite-run Iran to set fire to the Saudi Embassy in … Read more

Barika Göncü’den ICCO 2011 Zirvesi izlenimleri

30 ÜLKEDEN PR YÖNETİCİLERİ PORTEKİZ?DE BULUŞTU: ICCO 2011 Zirvesi: “PR Takes the Lead: The Industry in 2020” Uluslararası İletişim Danışmanları Birliği ICCO?nun 2011 Zirvesi, 29?30 Eylül tarihlerinde Portekiz?in Sintra kentinde gerçekleştirildi. Zirveye 30 ülkeden PR ajanslarının yöneticileri katıldı. Zirvenin konusu, hakla ilişkilerin 2020 vizyonuydu. Dünyanın önde gelen büyük PR network?lerinin ve bağımsız PR ajanslarının tepe … Read more

an Anthro roundup: Science-anti science fight continues; Neuroanthropology.net at 1,000,000…

Neuroanthropology.net at 1,000,000 from Neuroanthropology by dlende Neuroanthropology.net just broke through the 1,000,000 visits mark! We?ve done that in three years. Our very post came in December 2007. Even though Greg and I have moved over to Neuroanthropology PLoS, this site has continued to generate impressive traffic since September 1st. Here are some of the … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: New Pew report: The Future of Millennials/ Online Dating lies…

Featured Report: The Future of Millennials Tech experts generally believe that today’s tech-savvy young people – the ‘digital natives‘ who are known for enthusiastically embracing social networking – will retain their willingness to share personal information online even as they get older and take on more responsibilities.Experts surveyed say that the advantages Millennials see in … Read more

the Euprera Social Media Awards 2010

Erkan is  jury member in this event:


Enter the Euprera Social Media Awards 2010

Are you a PR student, researcher or educator doing great things with social media?

Here’s your chance to have your achievements recognised, boost traffic, link to leading colleagues, present your work at one of Europe’s leading social media conferences  – and win 250?!

As part of its EuroBlog investigation into the impact of social media on public relations practice Euprera will make three awards at its February Symposium at Ghent, in Belgium, February 2010. Each winner will receive a prize of 250?.


Shorlist announced: Sunday, January 24

Entries and nomonations open Sunday, October 11

Deadline for entries: Friday, January 1, 2010

Deadline for final blog postings to be considered by judges: Friday, January 8

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Two universities, two perspectives

Two promotional video spreading in the web, mostly in Facebook. The first one is about Bilgi University, particularly Visual Communication Design program. The second one promotes the library at Koç University. The latter is hosted at the library site and a kitsch product officially owned. The former is a viral one, not officially hosted or … Read more