Saudi Arabia’s well-funded public relations apparatus moved quickly after Saturday’s explosive execution of Shiite political dissident Nimr al-Nimr to shape how the news is covered in the United States.

The execution led protestors in Shiite-run Iran to set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, precipitating a major diplomatic crisis between the two major powers already fighting proxy wars across the Middle East.


Iran and Saudi Arabia: The Showdown Between Islam’s Rival Powers
The New Yorker
At a meeting with U.S. officials in 2008, Nimr insisted that he was not as radical as he had been portrayed publicly, according to a diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks. He told the Americans that he strongly opposed the “authoritarianism of the
Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran after embassy in Tehran attackedSouth Texas News
Canada decries mass execution in Saudi Arabia which killed 47, including clericThe North Star National

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