the Tea Party follows Obama, uses Digital Media to gain power…

How the Tea Party Utilized Digital Media to Gain Power

from MediaShift

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The biggest story of the U.S. midterm election has been the growing influence of the Tea Party movement. Since their first rallies in early 2009, these vocal, visible conservatives have succeeded in shifting the center of American political discourse to the right. This election cycle, Tea Partiers have gone a step further, successfully backing primary challengers against moderate Republicans like Delaware’s Mike Castle. So how has this confederation of online, conservative activists used new media to build their growing political base?

Where Do Americans Stand on Issues at Midterm Elections? [INFOGRAPHIC]

from Mashable! by Jolie O’Dell

Looking At the US Mid-Term Elections

from Sysomos Blog by sheldon

Earlier this week we took a look at what the social universe thought about a mayoral election that was happening in our hometown of Toronto. Sticking with the same theme we thought it would be interesting to take a look at another upcoming election.

GOP Beating Democrats with Social Media for Midterm Elections

from MediaShift

There is a major shift going on in politics this election cycle, with more candidates and campaigns using social media and technology to boost their chances. From today until the U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 2, MediaShift presents an in-depth special report, PoliticalShift 2010, with data visualizations, analysis, a 5Across video roundtable and live CoverItLive chat on Election Night with special guests. Stay tuned.

What happens if Obama loses the House?

by Mark Mardell (the Reporters)

The predictions are pretty clear: the Democrats will lose control of the House and perhaps the Senate.

Anxious About Tuesday

With conservatives flexing muscles, midterm election ballot measures could further limit funds for cash-strapped colleges, and spread affirmative action ban to Arizona. more

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